Academy Arc, is an introductory saga of the series. This is where Lux Arcadia becomes one of the students of the Royal Officer Academy since his awkward encounter with Lisha the princess of New Kingdom Atismata, as well as his new lifestyle under . This arc comprises with five main arcs in the series.

The saga begins with 5 years have passed since the downfall of the Old Arcadia Empire, Lux-one of very few remnants of Arcadia House-is forced to live a life under the new kingdom's rule until his awkward encounter with Lisha' resulting the princess's hostility against him. Courtesy of his Bahamut, however, Lux not only able to defeat one Abyss that invading the school but his skills proven his worth to the academy, reconcile with Lisha and they both become friends ever since.


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Story ArcsEdit


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