Anime Episode 1 Arcadia Empire Downfall

The insignia of the Arcadia House.

Arcadia House is one of the House of nobles in the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut stories. It is infamously known for founding the oppressive empire named the Old Arcadia Empire until its downfall via Count Atismata's coup, not without the betrayal of Lux and Fugil but the latter turned on his younger brother for massacring nobles that included the emperor via decapitation. Later chapters further reveals that the family is far more complicated than it seems...


Catalyst to DownfallEdit

Atismata's Coup and the Empire's DownfallEdit

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Since the fall of the Old Arcadia Empire, Lux, Airi and Fugil were seemly the only survivors of the decline royalty but Lux and Airi have turned prisoners for the Atismata New Kingdom. Eventually, Hayes's sudden appearance and her feud with Lux-from Saniya's betrayal to Ries Island Incident and the Empire Recapture Plan-only brought more questions about Arcadia House's exact origin. To make matters worse, Airi made a horrific discovery about the Holy Arcadia Empire via deciphering the artifact: Hayes's real identity was the Third Princess of the lost empire's 13th Generation, alongside with her sisters Listelka (First Princess) and Aeril (Second Princess); prompting Airi to question their own existence. [1]

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Arcadia Empire (Arcadia Teikoku) Edit

Holy Arcadia Empire (Shinsei Arcadia Koukoku) Edit


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