Drag-Ride Bahamut
Japanese バハムート
Rōmaji Bahamūto
Personal Information
Species/Classification Drag-Ride
Status Active
User/Owner Lux Arcadia
Rank/Type Divine
Bahamut (バハムート Bahamūto) is the Divine Drag-Ride of Lux Arcadia.


It is the strongest drag ride of the Old Empire, but despite it being the strongest, it also has a weakness. This drag ride takes up too much energy and stamina from its user leaving them tired and exhausted. It can only be used for a short period of time.

  • Dagger: Close range and throwing weapons.
  • Chaos Brand: Main weapon, it looks like a big black blade suited for close range combat.

Reload on Fire : Bahamut's Divine Raiment, which slows and then accelerates time within a target. Specifically, it slows time to a fraction of its usual speed for five seconds, then accelerates it several times in the next five seconds.[1]

  • Quick Shot: A special move in which Lux sees through the preliminary movement of the enemy’s attack, then uses the acceleration by Reload on Fire or Quick Draw to instantly destroy the enemy.[1]
  • Violent Strike: A technique that combines Reload on Fire with tuning in order to apply the time alteration effect to part of the enemy's armour instead of Lux himself. This involves Lux attacking the enemy while invoking Reload on Fire. The parts of the armour that he attacks are then accelerated, tearing them apart and even injuring the flesh of the enemy.[2]

Linker Burst: The special armament of Bahamut, which moves objects. Its usual power isn't particularly high: it can only pull small objects (like weapons or pieces of rubble) towards the user, not destroy them or send them flying. However, it can be used in combination with End Action, in which Lux pulls objects to his hand and then throws them with the speed of a bullet.[3]

Over Limit: A state in which Bahamut's limiters are removed, resulting in increased output and a different shape. In Over Limit, Bahamut has an extra pair of wings and cartridges attached to the arms that increase flight output and offensive power of the blade, and additional armour. In this state, Bahamut has several times its normal power. Linker Burst is strengthened and can now be used to throw objects at high speed. Reload on Fire is also strengthened. In Over Limit, Lux can defeat opponents as powerful as an evolved Yggdrasil or Rosa in Devil Machia Mode singlehandedly. However, due to the increased burden to the body, Lux can only use Over Limit for a limited period of time.[4][5]

Quotes Edit

──Manifest, Violent Dragon which devours the gods’ flesh and blood. Cut off the cloudy heavens Bahamut" - the passcode of Bahamut, as recited by Lux.[1]


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