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The Blackend Kingdom is a nation in Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. It is notable for being the origin of the Seven Dragon Paladin Singlen Shelbrit.



Over ten years ago, the Blackend Kingdom was not safe and was almost as bad as the Old Arcadia Empire. When the Abyss first appeared, the entire kingdom was thrown into commotion. The king counted on Singlen Shelbrit, a skilled Drag-Knight who had raised achievements. However, his atrocious methods were feared. He eventually met a tragic fate and was almost killed by mercenaries.

The king then wished to kill Singlen. Because the military didn't receive any information about his whereabouts, they decided to kill Singlen's sister Marche. Singlen took revenge for his sister and rebelled single-handedly against the royal family, his relatives and the noblemen.

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