Calensia Hersmice was a citizen of the Heiburg Republic. Though initially believed to be the aide of Rosa Granhide, one of the Seven Dragon Paladins, it is eventually revealed that she was killed and replaced by the King of Vices prior to the start of the series.


Assuming that the King of Vices' disguise is accurate, Calensia had shoulder-length dark hair and wore round-framed glasses. She wore the uniform of the Heiburg Republic's military.


Little is known about Calensia's personality. According to Stefa, she would have stopped Rosa if she did anything bad.[1]


Calensia and her cousin Stefa were once normal citizens of the Heiburg Republic. Because they showed aptitude for Drag-Rides, they were able to enter the military academy. During this time, they became familiar with Rosa.[1] Stefa and Calensia were part of a special class who, as preparations for the future, were given the duty of guarding the Underground Market.[2]

On one of Stefa's birthdays, Calensia gave her a hair clip as a present.[2]

At some point, Calensia was killed by the King of Vices, who then proceeded to assume her identity.[3]


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