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Celestia Ralgris (セリスティア・ラルグリス Serisutia Rarugurisu) is a third year student of the Royal Officer Academy and the leader of the Knight Squadron. She is said to be the strongest of the Academy. She is part of the Ralgris House, with her father being one of the Four Great Nobles. She became Lux Arcadia's aide after he became a member of the Seven Dragon Paladins.

At the end of the series, she married Lux and became one of the five queens of the New Kingdom.


Celistia is a beautiful young woman with long flowing blonde hair that is held by a black headband. She has blue eyes and a buxom figure. She usually wears the Royal Officer Academy uniform and blue tie which usually for third years.


As one of the prestigious knights, Celistia is publicly seen as a proud and strong female student who's willing to protect anyone from harm, specifically anything related with men. She takes it onto herself to be the leader of Drag-Knights and she is alone because of her personality.

In reality, Celistia is a socially awkward person who wants to have friends. She is easily misunderstood, leading to her being seen as a man-hater when she just doesn't know how to interact or getting along with men (among other misconceptions).[1]

Thanks to meeting Lux, she has started opening up about herself more and becoming closer to some of the other members of the Knight Squadron. She fall in love with him by kissing him and has no problem of letting other to love Lux too as her love rivals.

Celis has a drunk problem when she mistakenly drank alcohol as a result of her being underage.



Many years ago, Celistia was a student of Wade Roadbelt (Lux's maternal grandfather), being taught sword arts and tactics by him.[1] One day, Celis told him a story she'd heard about the misdeeds of the Old Empire.[2] Wade criticised the Old Empire's government and was imprisoned as a result.[1] Due to this event, Celis believed that she'd caused her teacher's death and resolved to do the right thing in his place.[2]

Fallen Prince Arc[]

During the events of this arc, Celis is in the capital of the New Kingdom for two weeks of Drag-Ride practice. Krulcifer Einfolk explains to Lux that if she was present in the Academy, the enrolment of a male student like him would have been revoked. Lisesharte Atismata also tries to get Lux to join the Knight Squadron specifically because Celis is not present to object.[3]

Ymir Nobility Arc[]

While the third year students have returned by the time of this arc, Celis is still away due to her return being delayed. Relie Aingram comments that Celis' absence is probably why Lux is accepted by the students.[4]

It is later mentioned that, during her practice, Celis mercilessly defeated male members of the capital's army. This wounded their pride and caused them to go to the Royal Officer Academy to stir up trouble there.[5]

Celistia Arc[]

Celis' first appearance is at night near the back gate of the academy. She talks to a cat about how she'd decided to remain alone in the capital but had been expecting others to suggest remaining as well. Lux (currently dressed in the female uniform) spots her during his patrol of the grounds and eavesdrops on the conversation. He tries to sneak away but then encounters an intruder to the Academy, causing Celis to notice and intervene. She orders the intruder to throw away his weapon and release Lux (mistaking him for a girl due to his clothing). The intruder refuses, so Celis partially connects to her Drag-Ride and holds her Sword Device to the intruder's throat. She gives a final warning. The intruder drops his weapon but, rather than surrendering, drops a smoke bomb and throws his knife at Celis. Lux protects her and is hit instead. The intruder escapes.[6]

Celis brings Lux to the infirmary for treatment. She hugs him due to how cute "she" is, then pulls away and apologises. She disapproves of Lux protecting her since it's her duty to protect the younger students. Lux says he's glad she wasn't hurt, causing her to admit that this is the first time someone has said this to her. Lux brings up her previous conversation, so Celis quickly tells him to forget it and claims that she wasn't talking to anyone. The topic then turns to the intruder, leading Celis to say that men are their enemy and must be kept away from the academy. She introduces herself and asks Lux's name, forcing him to quickly lie that he's a female student named "Luno". Celis tells "Luno" to chat with her again and leaves.[6]

Later, Saniya Lemiste tricks Lux into massaging Celis in order to relieve her fatigue (as an attempt to frame him for sexual assault so he can be expelled). Celis does not realise Lux's identity as he's able to change into his Luno disguise before she sees him. Celis is happy to meet "Luno" again and asks "her" to go out with her in three days time. After Lux agrees, Celis leaves the room.[7]

The next day, Celis goes to the principal Relie Aingram and asks her to expel Lux, with Lisha arguing against this. Lux joins the discussion when he hears about it. Celis tells him that, despite what he's done for the academy, it is still for female students only. Lux asks her if she plans on leading the effort to subjugate the Ragnarok, so Celis eventually confirms that she does and that she plans to kill the Ragnarok alone. Lux insists on staying in the academy so that he can assist her in his mission, which Celis denies. Relie lets in a group of students who were listening at the door and has them share their opinions, showing that they are divided on whether or not Lux can remain. Relie then suggests settling the dispute at the Campus Selection Battle (a battle to select the New Kingdom's representatives for Ruin exploration) that occurs in three days time. Celis agrees and attempts to leave the room, but a comment from Relie causes her to turn around and accidentally fall on top of Lux. Rather than get angry at Lux, she gets up, whispers that Lux looks like "him", and leaves.[7]

That night, Celis is in her room, unable to sleep and reading a book. She mutters to herself that Lux looks like Wade and that she can't think of any other way to protect Lux and the students of the academy.[7]

The selection battle arrives. Celis and Saniya fight in a 2 vs 2 duel against Lisha and Krulcifer. Celis' opponents cooperate to try to take her down at the start of the duel, but Celis sacrifices a weapon to stop their attack and begins to fight back. Celis eventually destroys the propulsion device of Lisha's Drag-Ride, but Lisha grapples Celis and uses her Divine Raiment to pin both of them to the ground. However, Celis escapes by electrocuting Lisha (via attacking herself using Lightning Lance) and then fires her special armament Starlight Zero, defeating her opponents. After the duel is over, Celis watches Lisha and Krulcifer chat lightheartedly. Later, she encounters Lux in a corridor and comments that the girls supporting Lux are doing so because of their true feelings, but also says that she will continue to fight to have Lux expelled. Lux replies that she's a strong person but he will not lose, and Celis walks away.[8]

On the second day of the selection battle, Celis watches as Lux defeats Saniya. She directs a sharp gaze at Lux, then stands up and walks away. A classmate asks what she's doing, so she replies that she now understands Lux's strength and plans to check on Saniya, then rest in her room. She says that Lux's manner of fighting was intended as a declaration of war towards her. She leaves the spectator seats and comments to herself that Lux is different from most males she's seen.[1]

The next day, Celis meets Lux (again disguised as Luno) and they go out into the city. They go to the commercial district where Celis buys a small accessory for Lux. She asks him if there's anywhere he wants to go and, when he can't think of an answer, she thinks she's failed as an escort. Lux insists that this isn't the case and that he's happy to be with her. He suggests that they go to a less crowded place to rest and leads her to a small park. Here they have lunch together. However, Celis says that she cannot rest as she must set an example to the other students. Lux asks if this is why she's hiding her injury from the duel two days ago and, when Celis still refuses to rest, he brings up her talking to a cat in their first encounter. Celis is embarrassed. She eventually falls asleep.[1]

A few hours later, Celis wakes up and the two walk along a main street in the city's first block. Celis admits that her fatigue is mostly gone and asks Lux if they can do this again. Lux says that he can't give an answer until after the selection battle. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a horn flute and rush over to the central plaza to find a Chimera attacking. Celis equips her Drag-Ride and defeats the Chimera. However, Lux tells her to watch out and Celis flies up to avoid a fiery attack—the Chimera has regenerated, changed in appearance and is now capable of fighting again. Celis thrusts her lance towards the Chimera, which grabs the lance and extends its snake tail to attack her. Lux severs the tail, allowing Celis to finish off the Chimera. Celis thanks Lux for the help and asks about his black Sword Device, causing him to reply that it's a charm he received from his older brother. A boy approaches to thank Celis and she gently pats his head, much to Lux's surprise. This leads Celis to admit that she doesn't actually hate men. She also reveals how she was taught by Lux's grandfather Wade, she plans to apologise to Lux after everything is over and that she will still try to get Lux expelled for the sake of the girls harmed by men of the Old Empire. She says that she had fun today and parts with Lux.[1]

Celis returns to the girl's dormitory and talks briefly with Saniya, who mentions how she was abused by her male relatives. Celis assures her that she will not lose, though she doesn't reveal that she's feeling hesitant.[1]

By the fifth and final day of the selection battle, Celis' side has a slight advantage in points. Eventually, she and Shalice Baltshift fight against Lux and Philuffy Aingram. Celis dodges Philuffy's attack and teleports behind her, but Philuffy (predicting this) kicks her into a wall. However, Celis immobilises Philuffy's Drag-Ride with a shock at the same time, giving her the opportunity to attack Lux. She asks Lux to surrender to avoid any needless injury, but he refuses. The battle resumes, with Celis fighting Philuffy while Lux fights Shalice. Philuffy and Shalice are defeated, leaving Celis and Lux to fight alone. However, the duel is interrupted by an immense tentacled Abyss bursting out of the ground and attacking the two—it is the Ragnarok that Celis was intending to fight, Poseidon.[2]

Celis is helped up by Lux and they look on as Poseidon attacks the audience. Despite her own injuries, Celis orders Lisha and Krulcifer to defend the academy and says that she will defeat Poseidon alone. While cutting apart Poseidon's tentacles with her lance, she tells Lux to take shelter as his strength is not needed. She fires Starlight Zero into the Ragnarok's mouth and then stabs its torso, killing it but being damaged from her own attack in the process. She then tries to fly towards the school building to help the others (who are being attacked by a force of Drag-Knights), but a strange silver-haired figure appears. The newcomer mocks Celis and plays a horn flute, reviving Poseidon. Furthermore, Saniya attacks Celis by surprise, revealing that she was a spy from the Heiburg Republic. Celis asks if everything she said was a lie, to which Saniya responds by mockingly thanking her for letting her succeed in her mission. Saniya attacks Celis, knocking away Lux when he tries to intervene, and reveals how Celis was responsible for Lux's grandfather being imprisoned. At that moment, Poseidon releases black mist that fills the area.[2]

While surrounded by the mist, Celis apologises to Lux. She explains what happened with Wade, as well as her reasons for trying to get Lux expelled and fighting Poseidon alone. She swears to save Lux even at the cost of her own life. However, Lux protects her from a tentacle and equips Bahamut, thus revealing that he was "Luno". Lux proceeds to defeats Saniya, the Drag-Knights attacking the academy, and—using knowledge gained from watching Celis fight it—Poseidon. However, Saniya and the silver-haired figure (revealed to be a girl named Hayes) escape.[2]

With the battle over. Celis is displeased at Lux tricking her but is also happy that he saved her. She says that if he wants to make up for tricking her, he should teach her about how to rely on others, how to act as a noble and how to interact with men. She approves of him staying in the academy and in the Knight Squadron, and asks him to keep what he knows of her true personality secret. He claims that the others will think of her as cute and like her if he reveals this information, making Celis flustered.[2]

As a result of the selection battle, Celis is selected as leader of the New Kingdom's representatives. Lux is also announced as a representative, causing some doubt among the students. Celis takes the stage and apologises for the mistakes she made in the recent incident, then asks for assistance from the students in general and from Lux in particular. Lux agrees. However, Celis goes on to say that Lux will be teaching her about men, causing everyone to get the wrong impression (though Celis herself is confused about why).[9]

Ries Island Arc[]

Celis continually pushes herself on the island, but lux manages to convince her to think about her technique.

Yoruka Arc[]

At the beginning of the arc, Celis receives order from her father to win over (in a non-sexual manner) Lux and bring him into the family. She later catches sight of lux talking to Yoruka and manages to save him from an attack from her, although Yoruka manages to get away.

During their "date" mandated by Relli, she explains the situation. Lux tells her that she shouldn't have to worry and that if there are any problems she can just come to him. After this, she tries to leave but Lux manages to convince her to continue their date. During their date, she tries to taste some alcohol but finds herself weak to it, almost fainting into lux and when he tries to catch her, he accidentally grabs her boobs.

During the attack on the capital, Celis is forced to deal with the massive influx of Abyss.

Class Promotion Exam Arc[]

She travels along with everyone else

Mel Arc[]

Campus Festival Arc[]

Dating Arc[]

Rosa Arc[]

Singlen Arc[]

Dragon Marauders Arc[]

Holy Arcadia Empire Arc[]

Ouroboros Arc[]

On the first day of the first iteration of the parade, Lux spots her practicing to confess her feelings to Lux. He subsequently confesses and proposes to her on the third day of the parade and she accepts.

Rebellion Arc[]


Celistia is regarded as the strongest student at the Royal Knight Academy by many and includes she is stronger than both Lisesharte Atismata and Krulcifer Einfolk, but being second to only Lux Arcadia. She is also one of the best Drag-Knights in the New kingdom overall.

Baptism: Celistia eventually undergoes Baptism under the orders of Queen Raffi Atismata. This strengthens her reaction speed to superhuman levels.

Master Swordswoman: Celistia is a extremely skilled swordsman, capable of swift attacks and flawless precision from the moment she draws her sword.

Master Spearwoman: Celistia is just as skilled with a spear as she is with a sword. She is capable of rapid, high speed attacks with deadly precision with little to no room for counter attacks. She can also defended herself from multiple simultaneous attack using just her spear.

Maneuver Tactic: Celistia has memorized tactics to cover all kinds of situations, allowing her to immediately think of plans in battle. For example, she can come up with and execute a cooperative attack with Lux Arcadia, having him use Reload on Fire to enhance her attack, that kills all of Sacred Eclipse's bodies at once.[10] This talent is valued highly enough for the military officers of the New Kingdom capital to give it a name.[8]


Celistia's Drag-Ride is the Divine Drag-Ride Lindworm.

Lightning Lance: The special armament of Lindworm, a large spear that can emit lightning. The electricity can injure an enemy through their Drag-Ride and also temporarily prevents their Drag-Ride from moving. The only defense against this is to dodge the attack, but Celistia's skill makes this difficult even for a Drag-Knight on the level of Lux. If she is being grappled by an opponent, Celistia can attack herself with the lance to make them let go.[8] The size of the lance means it can't be freely wielded when indoors.[11]

Starlight Zero: Another special armament, officially classified as a wide area ultra-powerful extermination weapon. It is a gun that fires a "Star", a bullet made of compressed light energy. The Star moves relatively slowly but produces an extremely powerful explosion covering a radius of 300 Mels. It is powerful enough to blow off the Auto Shield of Fafnir, another Divine Drag-Ride, and completely deplete its energy.[8] The massive destructive power means that this armament cannot be used when inside a building.[11]

Divine Gate: Lindworm's Divine Raiment, which creates a spherical volume of light (with a radius of about 50 Mels) within which Celistia can freely teleport. This allows her to instantly close in on a distant enemy or move behind them. However, the Divine Raiment has a size limit, being unable to teleport anything bigger than the Lindworm-clad Celistia. If someone grapples Celistia, they can prevent her from teleporting.[8]

  • Double Attack: By using Divine Gate, Celistia can overwhelm an opponent by attacking them from multiple directions simultaneously. For example, she can throw daggers and then teleport behind them to attack them at close range.[8]
  • break purge: it is an ability that allows to make a very large defense if it originally hits lux, I taught it to use it more or less but it is a star technique of celestia


  • hich means "Heavenly" or "Sky" in Latin.
  • Celistia was born on October 3.


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