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Class Promotion Exam Arc
Part of the Seven Dragon Paladins Arc

Seven Dragon Paladins first encounter
Location Royal Officer Academy, New Kingdom Atismata
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Class Promotion Exam Arc is the sixth story arc of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. This arc introduces Singlen Shelbrit, vice-captain of the Seven Dragon Paladins, and the mercenary group Dragon Marauders.


The Untold Truth of Arcadia EmpireEdit

Manga CHP 46 Ominous Relavation

Airi's horrific discovery of an ominous revelation.

While Lux and his friends are having fun, Airi is shocked after she discovered some of the mysteries within the ancient documents they found from the Ark. These ancient documents, which Airi deciphered, not only it contain blueprints and information about everything-from Drag Rides to Ruins, Abyss and even Automaton, it also includes a name list of the members of the Thirteenth Generation Royal Arcadia Empire; with Hayes's name is among them as the as the Third Imperial Princess[1]. Nevertheless, this strange yet ominous discovery gives Airi an uneasy feeling as she is starting to question their own existence and purpose in the world.

The next day, Airi recalling her past - specifically her exile along with Lux and the carriage incident - while confronts her brother who trying cheer her up but she replies that she is fine, albeit a cold manner. Even Lux tells her that he will going to help her while leaving her room, Airi fears their relationship could only turn for the worst due to her horrific discovery onto the artifact that consists of the partial truth of the Arcadia Nobility.


Blue TyrantEdit

When Lux's sword device ends up being mistaken for another girl's sword device, he takes the risks of being found out as a peeping tom when he infiltrates a building that is supposed to be off-limits to him, a male, just to retrieve his sword device, which is apparently Bahamut's sword device, resulting in him losing his calm over thoughts that his identity as the "Black Hero" might be revealed.

As he was just thinking about how to exit the building now that he retrieved his sword device, it seems news that an actual peeping tom got inside the academy grounds. He covered himself with a tablecloth in order to be mistaken for the peeping tom. However, Noct spots him but lets him go, pretending he was never there.

Just then, a scream of a girl who climbed up from another place struck where Lux was hiding. Because the incident disrupted his position, so his body also stood up slightly, the result was that he was exposed. But fortunately he was also dressed in tablecloths, so they didn’t see his face, but this was only a matter of time. Lux flew out of the shadows and ran through the passage in full force. He only heard screams of the girls who saw him came from behind. Lux kicked the door, jumped from the middle of the stairs and onto the grass, rushed into the empty campus, and then ran to school.

However, it was here that the girls who finished the body measurement returned and changed their clothes. That meant——In the vicinity of this, there was a high possibility that there were girls in uniforms who had already finished changing clothes. So he rushed to the stairs, up to the second floor of the school building. In a desperate moment, Lux took off the tablecloth in the last resort and pushed open the door of the reception room for guests. However, it was here where his senior and the leader of the Knight Squadron, was changing. He tried to explain himself, but he quickly hid when he heard that his pursuers were nearby. When Celis was questioned whether she saw someone come here and explained that there was a peeping tom, she glanced at Lux with a combination of shame and anger. However, she lied that she didn't see anyone and promised to help as soon as she was finished changing.

She let Lux go, and as soon as Lux exited the room, he heard footsteps approaching from the bottom of the stairs. Since downstairs was certainly dangerous, then he could only escape to the roof. When Lux embraced the last trace of hope by opening the door, suddenly someone from behind seized his wrist. It was Yoruka, who was wondering who made a sudden visit, but realized it was Lux. After Lux explained the situation, she helped him by offering a scenario to show his pursuers that a male wasn't on the rooftop: by wearing her uniform and act like it was a special tryst between girls. It worked, and he decided to hide out at the rooftop since it was clear from suspicions.

A few minutes later. After, Lux’s Sword Device came back to his hand without being noticed by anyone. It seemed that the Triads and Airi also cooperated under Celis’s command, and came looking for Lux on the rooftop and handed it to him. As he left the school building and wore the Sword Device he just got back, Lux sit on the curb of the courtyard and finally stroked his chest. Already most students had finished physical measurements and changed their clothes, and had come back to their rooms, Lux decided to take a rest for a while. It was a misunderstanding that Lux entered the indoor practice ground, but an incident appeared as an outside peeping tom was entering the school building, which made a serious commotion. Just then, a voice of a heavy and deep man called out to him and Lux realized that maybe it was him, who was mistaken as the peeping tom because the man explained that he entered without the guards' permission because he was in a hurry. They accused each other to be the said peeping tom, but the man declares that he was called directly by the Queen of the New Kingdom.

He told Lux to guide him to the Headmaster's office and there he interviews the princess, Lizesharte, first. Then the leader of the Knight Squadron, Celistia, was next. But it seemed both didn't get the seat to be the New Kingdom's Seven Dragon Paladin. After that, the man introduces himself as Singlen Shelbrit, Vice Captain of the Seven Dragon Paladins, who also represents the Blackend Kingdom. He reveals that he never intended to let those two take the seat of a Seven Dragon Paladin, but rather, he came here to scout out Lux for the position instead. But Lux turns down the offer.

Ruin’s Gear(Ruin City)Edit

Dragon Marauder's Intro

Class Promotion ExamEdit

The Lords

Royal Officer Academy's Exam Edit

Elixir Medicine and Baptism Edit

Singlen Shelbrit's Secret Meeting with Airi Edit

Second Ruin 『Maze』(Dungeon)Edit



Major charactersEdit

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Supporting charactersEdit

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Story ImpactEdit

  • The backstory behind the bonds of the Arcadia Siblings (Lux and Airi) is revealed, at least according to Airi's point of view: since their exile, their relationship was soured after the carriage incident that led to their mother's death, which worsened her own sickness. In fact, their relationship at that time was soured to the point Airi ignored Lux's comfort and mocking him for unable to achieve anything, only to cry when Lux apologized for making her worried.
  • Lux becomes Seven Dragon Paladin representing New Kingdom Atismata with his aide Celistia Ralgris.
  • Singlen Shelbrit manages to get Lux to become one of Seven Dragon Paladins, despite the latter's initial refusal.


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