Cross Field is a fort city in the New Kingdom Atismata.


Cross Field, like the other fort cities, is located between the New Kingdom's capital and the Ruins, to serve as a defence against Abyss attacking from the Ruins.[1] It is located about twenty kilometres away from the Ruin Garden.[2] It also serves as an important base for investigating the Ruins. Many Drag-Knight nobles live here, and there are even some residents of the capital who have secondary residences in Cross Field.[3]

Cross Feed is shaped like a cross and comprises five districts, or blocks. The first district is located in the centre of the cross, while the third district is located to the west.[4] The first district where wealthy people such as Balzeride Kreutzer reside, and it is also the location of the Royal Officer Academy.[5][2] The third district contains, in its outskirts, a former church that was abandoned after being destroyed by an Abyss.[6] The second district contains a rampart and serves as the last defence point against Abyss attacks.[7]



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