Dilwy Froias is an officer of the New Kingdom Atismata's army and the main antagonist of Light Novel Volume 6.


Dilwy has a slender body and delicate features, and gives an impression of being indecisive.[1] He has a deep scar on his right wrist.[2] When his right arm is healed through the use of Elixir, it gains a black pattern on its surface. When he becomes a Nocturnal, his skin becomes black, his hair turns white and his eyes glow red like fresh blood.[3]


On the surface, Dilwy is an honest and serious person who will meticulously complete any mission assigned to him. He does not attempt to respond to insults and also lacks ambition.[1] This lacks of ambition is a facade, as Dilwy in fact wants to become the strongest Drag-Knight, no matter the cost. He is not loyal to any particular country or group, joining the New Kingdom when the Old Empire fell, then betraying the New Kingdom by collaborating with the Dragon Marauders. Dilwy is willing to deliberately incite war to create an environment in which he can prove his strength.[3]



Dilwy was born without a knight's pedigree or any particular talent. Nevertheless, he rose up the ranks of the Old Empire and nearly reached EX-Class.[2] Seven years ago, Dilwy studied under Singlen Shelbrit of the Blackend Kingdom, though he was unable to learn any of Singlen's moves at the time. Five years ago, he received an injury to his right hand during the calamity of the Blackend Kingdom. As a result, his ability to fight was weakened. Upon returning home, he decided to join the moderate faction of the New Kingdom.[3]

Volume 6Edit


Dilwy is an elite Drag-Knight, considered one of the New Kingdom's best alongside Raigree. However, his strength is temporarily compromised due to his injury[1] After receiving Elixir, Dilwy becomes stronger than he was before, enough to fight Lux and Greifer (two Divine Drag-Ride users and members of the Seven Dragon Paladins) at the same time. His strength increases further when he becomes a Nocturnal.[3]

Superhuman Strength: After being healed by Elixir, Dilwy gains increased strength in his right arm. Upon transforming into a Nocturnal, he becomes strong enough to parry Lux's attack and blow him to the side.[3]

Superhuman Agility: Upon transforming into a Nocturnal, Dilwy can move faster than even a winged Abyss, being compared in the narration to a bullet. He can also perform acrobatic movements such as backflips.[3]

Shot Blade: Dilwy is a master of this rare Drag-Ride weapon, which fires several arrow-like projectiles when swung. This weapon has a performance close to, but not equal to, a Divine Drag-Ride's special armament. As a Nocturnal, Dilwy's improved stamina allows him to continuously fire several hundred shots for over ten seconds, enough to overwhelm both Lux and Greifer.[3]

Battle Array - Vicissitudes: Having studied under Singlen, Dilwy was able to copy this technique. This involves manually controlling the Drag-Ride's barrier to parry an enemy's attack instead of deflecting it. This is capable of blocking an attack from Lux in Bahamut.[3]


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