Dist Ralgris is one of the Four Great Nobles of the New Kingdom Atismata, and father of Celistia Ralgris.



Dist is a shrewd and calculating politician, willing to consider a plan to overthrow his queen if she proves incapable as a ruler. At the same time, he will not undertake such actions lightly; when Lux confirms his support for Raffi, he decides to continue following the queen.[1]

Dist is similar to his daughter Celis in that, despite their stern and aloof exteriors, they are socially awkward on the inside. Like Celis, he easily feels lonely. Dist acted as a stern father towards his daughter, believing this to be the correct way for one of the Four Great Nobles to raise their child, only to become distant with her. Moreover, he easily misunderstands things, as shown by his belief that Celis used to hate men.[1]





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