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Dragon Marauders Arc is the twelfth story arc of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series and the seventh story arc of the Seven Dragons Paladins Arc. This arc entirely focuses on the infamous Dragon Marauders who ally themselves with Soffice Xfer, one of the Seven Dragon Paladins from Turkimes Confederation and the traitor to the world alliance. In the same arc, Hayes Vi Arcadia, who had supposedly died at the end of the Yoruka Arc, makes her surprising return.


At Right Under the HeavensEdit


Those Who Wish For a PactEdit

Double Layered TrapEdit

Two Dragons Under The MoonlightEdit

The Captive AssailantEdit

Behind The Scene of The Sacred PartyEdit

Marauder And DemiseEdit

While Lux is fighting Ragnarok and Dragon Marauder are fighting Lisha, Krulcifer, Celistia and Philuffy, Aeril looks for document regarding Avalon.


The Path Leading to SanctuaryEdit

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Story ImpactEdit

  • The document that Aeril finds across triggers her to betray the Lords. She intends to take a lead to obtain Avalon because it will bring chaos and destruction across the world if Avalon is handled by dictator.
  • The Lords finally declares war against seven major countries. They also subdued Seven Dragon Paladins beforehand to suppress their military power.
  • The threat of mercenary group Dragon Marauders is finally eliminated.
  • Soffice returns to World Alliance's side.
  • All Ragnaroks are down and the its Grand Force has been installed to advance Avalon subjugation.



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