Elixir is a medicine that enhances the human body.


Elixir is a liquid possessing the seven colours of the rainbow. If the usage and dose are correct, when injected into a person, Elixir will give them abilities far surpassing ordinary people. If used incorrectly, however, it can cause death or other serious side effects. [1]

One notable side effect is the transformation of the user into a monstrous being known as a Nocturnal. Nocturnals have black skin, white hair and red eyes. Their physical abilities are greatly enhanced, including increases in speed and stamina.[2][3] However, their negative emotions are also increased and, if the transformation extends to the entire body, they will eventually die. If the transformation is incomplete, the user can be saved by forcing them to give up and turn back to normal.[3] When a Nocturnal dies, their body crumbles and turns to dust like an Abyss.[2]

Elixir is refined from the life energy of living things. Its effectiveness is proportional to the closeness of the relationship between the user of Elixir and the source of the life energy. Thus, Elixir used by a human will be more effective if made using the life energy of humans rather than animals, and more effective still if the life energy source was a close relative.[1]

Elixir was originally developed by the Holy Arcadia Empire for the purpose of enhancing its royalty and nobility to be above the common citizens. The surgery known as Baptism was developed in tandem as a means of safely administering Elixir.[1]



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