Fafnir is the Divine Drag-Ride of Krulcifer Einfolk.


Fafnir is a black and white Drag-Ride with various areas that glow with pale blue light. Its right arm wields a massive gun, the Freezing Cannon.



Freezing Cannon: Fafnir's offensive special armament. It is a sniper rifle that fires projectiles which freeze the target. The resulting ice is durable enough to restrain even a strong Abyss such as a Golem. Krulcifer is very accurate with this weapon, to the point that it is difficult to avoid all of her shots.[1] However, the shots (and thus their freezing effect) can be blocked by using other objects as a shield.[2]

Auto Shield: Fafnir's defensive special armament. It comprises seven octagonal shields of bluish-white light which automatically detect an enemy attack and intercept it. The shields are several times harder than an ordinary Drag-Ride barrier.[1] When in Full Connect, Krulcifer can move the shields away from herself.[3]

  • Richochet shooting: By moving the shields so that they surround the enemy, Krulcifer can ricochet her bullets off the shield so that they hit the enemy from multiple directions.[3]

Divine RaimentEdit

Wise Blood: Fafnir's Divine Raiment, which allows Krulcifer to see a few seconds into the future. This ability has a radius of a few dozen metres.[2] She can use this to dodge attacks even from a blind spot. She can also use it offensively, by aiming at the opening created after dodging the an enemy's attack.[1]

Wise Blood - Accel: While in Full Connect, Krulcifer can use a stronger version of Wise Blood in which she makes several hundred predictions, resulting in a formula to reach victory. For example, this can allow her to fire and ricochet dozens of shots so that they strike the enemy's vital points.[3]

Quotes Edit

"──Reincarnate. The huge dragon of calamity, taken captive by riches. Become the compensation of desire far and wide, Fafnir !" - the passcode of Fafnir, as recited by Krulcifer.


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