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Fallen Prince Arc is an introductory arc of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. This arc primarily focuses on Lux Arcadia, the former Seventh Prince of the Old Arcadia Empire, who is enrolled into the Royal Officer Academy of the New Kingdom Atismata. It also focuses on his first meeting and friendship with Lisesharte Atismata, the New Kingdom's First Princess.


The Fall and Demise of the Old EmpireEdit

Anime Episode 1 Arcadia Empire Downfall 5 Years Ago

The fall of the Old Empire.

Five years ago, the Old Empire was overthrown via coup d'etat led by Count Atismata and his allies. During the coup, a Bahamut rider annihilated the Old Empire's Royal Army effortlessly, further escalating the empire's demise. Consequently, Atismata House took over the fallen kingdom and established a new reign known as the New Kingdom of Atismata. Lux, the (former) seventh prince of the now defunct Arcadia House and one of its few survivors, lived his life as the new kingdom's resident and had to work hard as a chore prince to repay his former family's debt.


The Intruder at MidnightEdit

Academy for Noble ChildrenEdit

Lux vs. Lisha: The Duel Between NoblesEdit

Anime Episode 1 Lisha Tamiat

Lisha on Tiamat.

The next day, a mock duel between Lisha and Lux is held at the Royal Officer Academy's School Coliseum. Before the duel, Lisha asks a nervous Lux numerous questions whilst mocking him, to which Lux assumes if the princess intentionally trying to kill him. With their respective Drag-Ride are ready, the duel begins where Lisha firstly fires Tiamat's cannon shot at Lux, who later dodges while defending himself. Slightly impressed by his performances, Lisha demands Lux to unleash his true power via his black sword but Lux declines and apologizes over the bathroom incident. Lisha, however deeming Lux's apology as his "belittlement" against her to the point not only she rejects his apology, but also using Tiamat's ultimate weapon-the "Seven-Headed" to summon all the Legions to attack Lux, forcing Lux to flee while deflect the Legions as much as possible.

On the audience stand, the Triad immediately regret as they witnessing the battle has gone rampant. Airi however tells Shalice Baltshift not to worry as she remarks that while she did felt Lux should be responsible for his awkward situation, she views him as a nice person who is not eagerly to lose something set in his sight. Back to the duel, Lux continues to dodge and deflect all of Tiamat's Legions despite their simultaneous attacks, further frustrates Lisha as she resort to use Tiamat's Heavenly Voice to blow Lux and his Wyvern onto the ground, eventually pinning him. Before Lisha could deliver her final blow however, Tiamat is on its rampage where Legions fall onto the ground one by one but not even her Drag-Ride's near malfunction makes Lisha to admit defeat as she aims the Seven-headed cannon at Lux again. Their duel however is interrupted by an invading Abyss who wreck chaos by firing its light bullet at the crowd of audience the crowd, causing chaos among the School Coliseum.

Anime Episode 1 Lux protects Lisha

Lux protects Lisha from the Abyss.

During that very chaos, Lisa is caught into the confusion and just as she is nearly attacked by the Abyss's roar, Lux rescues her just in time while request her to stay down as he would try to distract the monster by himself. Lisha however finds Lux's bravery skeptical and claims that not even New Kingdom's elite knights manage to suppress it it, only to see Lux flies off to face the creature. Meanwhile, the Triads (Shalice and Tillfur) assists the evacuation while lament over the third years' late reinforcement. While being accompanied by Noct, Airi surveys the situation and remarks the knights candidates's inability to control the situation, of which Shalice agrees as she states that even the guards are ill-prepared to deal the situation. When Tillfur and Shalice worry that Lux might unable to overcome his odds against the monster, Airi ensures that her brother will not be defeated.

In the sky, Lux lures the Gargoyle to the School Coliseum's arc and struggles to fight the creature while defending the students' evacuation, only to be injured by the monster's attack. On the ground, Tiamat timely restores its power that gives Lisha, who somehow understands Lux's intention and strategy, utilizes the Seventh Head cannon to obliterate the monster for good. In the following aftermath, Lisha exits Tiamat as she checks on an injured Lux who she remarks as a "fool" but admits her defeat[1] and announces her messages to everyone who are still in the coliseum.

The Mark of the Old EmpireEdit

Reunion with a Childhood FriendEdit

Part 1Edit

391px-SaijakuBahamut v1 115

Lux's reunion with Philuffy.

The next day, Lux is (temporarily) introduced as the Royal Officer Academy's new student by Raigree Balheart the class instructor. After the introduction, Lux proceed to find his seat while quickly become speechless as he hears his fellow students gossip about him. Coincidentally, Lux reunites with his childhood friend Philuffy Aingram and sits besides her. When the class begin and Lux asks her for some notes however, Philphie repeatedly ignores Lux until he calls her childhood name which garners Philphie's attention, prompts the class to gossip and much to Lisha's dismay.

Part 2Edit

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Ateliers of Drag-Rides and Enrollment ExamsEdit

The Weakest Drag-KnightEdit


Part 1Edit

The following aftermath of the battle, Lux wakes up and finds himself at the hospital with Airi at his bedside, who berating him for his recklessness of using Bahamut's power excessively.

Part 2Edit

Part 3Edit

Upon his arrival at the principle office, Lux is congratulated by Relie for his official admission, following with thunderous applause from other students as well, including Airi and other classmates. Lisha later joins the scene as she declares that under her decree, she will grant Lux's life as a criminal and as her thanks for his rescue whilst admit his power of justice.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


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  1. Lux's hospitalization after his battle against Velvet was omitted out from the anime.
  2. Due to his absence in the anime series, Velvet was replaced by Lagreed as this arc's main antagonist.


Major charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Many important characters are introduced in this arc, since it is the first, such as Lux, Lisha, Airi, Philphie, Krulcifer, and the Triad.
  • While the coup was originally plotted by Count Atismata to overthrow the Old Empire, it was ironically succeeded by Lux (involuntarily) and his half brother Fugil[2][3][4][5]despite neither Arcadia House members desired to rebuild the fallen kingdom from the aftermath.
    • Lisha and Raffi are the only known surviving Atismata House members throughout the Old Empire's downfall.
    • Even only mentioned in Lux's and Lisha's backstories in his quest for his ambiguous aim, Fugil would play a larger role in the series' future arcs.
  • The dreams and nightmares Lux have were served as the backstories of Lux and other people around him before the Old Empire's downfall, which led to his reason to topple his own kingdom.
  • Both Lux's and Lisha's backstories are displayed prior the events of the Old Empire's downfall: Lux participated the coup as the Black Hero while Lisha escaped from her torturers and confronted Fugil while witness the Bahamut's performance.[6][7]
    • The Old Empire's insignia that marked on Lisha's bellow her belly was served as a reminder of the empire's infamy before its twilight days.
  • While Lux's initial presence at the Royal Officer Academy's student meets backlashes from many female students (especially Lisha), who are outright belittled the fallen prince due to the bathroom incident, the latter change their view upon him after the Abyss incident.
    • Under Relie's and Lisha's recommendation, Lux is officially enrolled as the Royal Officer Academy's first and only male student.
    • Despite this however, there are some student such as Celestia(who became infamous for her "hatred" against men) and Saniya still protest against Lux's enrollment in the academy to the point wanting to boot him out.
  • Despite his smaller role, Velvet, one of few remaining Old Empire's loyalist and a culprit behind the Abyss's attack onto the Royal Knight Academy, involved in a reconciliation between Luz and Lisha after he failed to assassinate Lisha. His defeat would not be the Old Empire's remnant force's last effort to restore its former glory, or other factions from another kingdoms'(such as Heiburg Republic) attempt to destroy the New Kingdom. [8]
  • Lux's identity as the Black Hero is revealed to those who witnesses his battle against anyone who harm his friends as the series goes on. Of all witnesses however, only a few (such as Airi) know the hidden truth beneath Lux's involvement in inheriting the Bahamut.
    • While it was her second time to see the Black Hero's battle prior the fall of the Old Empire, Lisha was the first person outside Arcadia House to realize Lux's identity but despite this knowledge, she was one of few to conceal Lux's secret from public.
    • Krulcifer firstly suspected Lux as the "rumored" Black Hero after seeing his Black Sword prior his arrest under Lisha's decree. This leads to her investigation by becoming Lux's one-week girlfriend in the following arc.


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