Fenrir was one of the Ragnarok, originating from the Ruin Dungeon.


Fenrir was an enormous wolf. When it was incited by Lunatic Call, it covered itself with armour made of ice.[1]

History Edit


As would be expected from its shape, Fenrir was a strong and fast Ragnarok that attacked with its natural weapons of claws and fangs. It was powerful enough that Mel considers herself to be at a disadvantage when fighting it on the ground.[1]

Ice Manipulation: Fenrir had the power to manipulate ice and cold on a large scale. In its normal state, it was capable of breathing out air that is described as being as cold as absolute zero. This breath was cold enough to instantly freeze multiple elite Drag-Knights. When enhanced by the effects of Lunatic Call, Fenrir was able to create an armour of ice that greatly increased its defence. The armour was durable enough that even Mel's Grand Buster, an attack powerful enough to reshape the landscape, could barely injure Fenrir through it.[1]


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