Fugil Arcadia (フギル・アーカディア Fugiru Ācadia) is one of the main antagonists of the series. He was a prince of the former Old Arcadia Empire and initially believed to be Lux Arcadia's elder half-brother from a different mother. In fact, he is not related to the Old Empire's imperial family at all, but has been alive since the even older Holy Arcadia Empire.


Fugil appears to be a handsome young man who is seen have a silver short hair and wearing nobility attire.


Fugil appears to be a cheerful young man who cares a lot about his brother Lux during his days of the old empire. Behind his benevolence however masks his more sinister side as he will use anything and anyone in order to achieve his ideal. He can be very manipulative towards people he come in contact with and use them for his ulterior motives. Five years ago, he used Lux to destroy the Old Empire. Strangely, Fugil seemly interested by Lux's progress where he use anyone (such as Velvet, Balzeride and even Hayes) to defeat his brother just to witness his resolve. His reason was to strengthen Lux's determination to be the excellent king that Fugil has been looking for.


Fugil s history is complicated. Over 1000 years ago, Fugil was considered as a threat by Holy Empire of Arcadia. However, the first princess Arshalia Rei Arcadia saved him and made use of him as personal guard. Later, Arshalia and Fugil created Sacred eclipse to grant the wish of mankind.[1]

Hundred years prior to the present, the pioneers of Lux Arcadia (from the branch family) overthrew the empire. Fugil took part as the legendary "White Hero" by that time who conspired with them in order to save people who were persecuted. The Lords hid themselves in sleeping pod. However, Old Arcadia Empire investigated the Lords while they were sleeping. When they just woke up, several royal armies commencing attack to them. Fugil saved them although most servants were killed, Listelka was injured, Mishis, Hayes and Aeril were safe. [2]

Seven years ago, Fugil met Lux and trained him to be excellent drag-knight. Fugil who had been known to be excellent drag-knight but was no longer able to fight (he pretended to be like this) after accident trained Lux to grow strong. Lux was curious about his motive asked what his goal is. Fugil answered he offered help to change the broken Empire of Arcadia together. [3]

His motive later was unraveled to find the "King" who would bring about salvation and justice upon mankind. To find "The King", He wandered the world after hundred years ago he had saved Listelka and her sisters (as they were the candidate). He gave his Leviathan over ten years prior to the present to Singlen, Tiamat to Lisha and Bahamut to Lux during Old Arcadia Empire Downfall. [2]

Five years ago, Fugil and Lux cooperated to overthrow Arcadia Empire. To strengthen Lux's body, gear leader Arshalia performed baptism to Lux so that he could use Bahamut. [4]Fugil and Lux arranged the plan to fight Arcadia's army. Fugil's main plan was to make Lux to be the new emperor because he had noticed that Count Atismata would kill Lux for sure if Count Atismata survived in the end for political purpose.[5] However, Raffi Atismata leaked his brother's plan to Waybra (the supporter of the Arcadia's side) who then reported it to the Emperor. The Count Atismata's main plan did not go as expected. Raffi Atismata's blunder finally made Atismata Family was raid and Airi threatened and taken hostage. Lisesharte was taken and forced to leak information. This caused her sister, Almatea Atismata remained unknown and was believed to be deceased. Despite the time is not certain, both of them was saved by Fugil during the downfall. It inflicted Almatea admired the "Black Hero" (Lux Arcadia)

In the palace, Lux tried to save airi from the drag-knights army using Bahamut that Fugil gave to him beforehand. Seeing Airi was being thretened, Fugil then joined him and killed the army in the throne room. Emperor Diseld was surprised. He didn't estimate Fugil to exterminate the royal guard because based on documents, he saved branch family who received persecution. Fugil was slightly surprised that Emperor Diseld discovered his origin. [2] Fugil resumed his plan to make Lux as the Emperor and the legendary figure "Black Hero" who saved Arcadia Empire. To realize his plan, he ordered Lux to announce that he had conspired with the Count Atismata. Initially, this was fugil's main plan to regain the conviction from the people and to make Lux recognized as the new Emperor. However, Lux refused and already resolved to lessen the casualties from both sides which meant he disagreed his action to kill Lux's family. Lux attacked Fugil and lost to him in the end. Fugil was dissapointed and replanned for the best result.

Fugil was the one who defeated 1200 Drag-Rides of the Old Empire. Through Ouroboros's special armament Infinity, Fugil transformed into Bahamut and fought 1200 Drag-Rides single-handedly. After that, Fugil altered Lux's memory, making Lux believed that he had overthrown the Old Empire and defeated 1200 Drag-rides.

Before he has gone missing, he told Lux everything he asked and also his expectation for Lux. However, Lux didn't know what they were talking about. They eventually parted. As a farewell, he told Lux he will always be waiting Lux to be worthy.

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Abilities Edit

Baptism Surgery: He had his body performed baptism to all of his organs. Because the surgery was until the most extreme level, his sterength compares to nobody.

Ouroboros Edit

Ouroboros is Fugil's divine drag-rides shich is the strongest drag-knight. Ouroboros's power and divine raiment are supported and strengthened through the Avalon and installed Grand Force in the Ruins.

Blade: A colossal Mithrildite blade resembling a normal Drag-Ride's, but enlarged to the point of being comparable to a tower in size. Its sheer mass gives it incredible power. Even the wind and shockwave left by a slash with this Blade can destroy buildings. A direct hit can instantly bring down a Divine Drag-Ride. However, it can be blocked by the master martial artist Magialca Zen Vanfrick using Jormungandr. Its trajectory can be altered by the Divine Raiment of Vritra and the attack can be avoided by approaching to within a certain distance of Ouroboros. [5]

  • Quick Draw: A high-speed slash performed by using mind control operation in addition to body control operation. To perform this technique using Ouroboros, Fugil must enter the chest portion of the Drag-Ride to control it directly.

Cannons: Several large Cannons emerging from Ouroboros' chest, that surpass even those of the installation-type Jormungandr. These fire blasts of flame. When enhanced by Reload on Fire, these are powerful enough that Vritra's trajectory control cannot fully divert them.[1] Under normal circumstances, these take dozens of seconds to gather the energy needed to fire, but this is shortened when accelerated by Reload on Fire. [5]

Laser cannons: Ouroboros possess numerous smaller cannons which can fire hundreds of lasers at once. However, if weakened by a smokescreen, these lasers can be stopped by a barrier. [5]

Charge Blast: A support ability which transfers energy to another Drag-Ride to strengthen it. While normal Drakes have a similar ability, Charge Blast is on an entirely different scale, being comparable to a Divine Raiment. It strengthens even the power of the pilot's defensive membrane (which is normally too weak to stop an attack) by dozens of times, allowing it to stop attacks. [5]

Self-repair: Ouroboros can repair damage by summoning and assembling supplementary armour into the damaged portions. This is again similar to a function possessed by Drakes, but Ouroboros performs it with much greater speed. It is even capable of repairing a severed limb. However, repair is impossible if the damaged parts are frozen. Moreover, repairing major damage consumes a lot of en ergy, preventing Ouroboros from doing anything else.[5]

Infinity Edit

One of Ouroboros' special armaments, Infinity can transform into any other Divine Drag-Ride. Even if its current form is destroyed, it can summon another Divine Drag-Ride. However, using even one type of Divine Drag-Ride requires extraordinary stamina, mental strength, and skill. Only a Drag-Knight on the level of Fugil can fully use the infinite number of Divine Drag-Rides provided by Infinity.[5]


  • Reload on Fire: Bahamut's Divine Raiment, which slows and then accelerates time within a target. Specifically, it slows time to a fraction of its usual speed for five seconds, then accelerates it several times in the next five seconds.[2] When enhanced by Charge Blast, the degree time alteration is greatly increased. In the accelerated state, Fugil becomes so fast that it is impossible for his enemies to react or escape. However, the slowing of time is also increased, to the point that activating Zero One now takes dozens of seconds. Reload on Fire can also be applied to other things, such as to the main body of Ouroboros in order to strengthen it. When doing this, Fugil holds off the enemy during the first five seconds to defend the main body.[5]
    • Violent Strike: This technique involves using Reload on Fire to slow down the enemy, then attacking them while they are vulnerable, and finally accelerating them so they suffer from the attacks received while slowed down. [5]
  • Quick Draw: A high-speed slash performed by using mind control operation in addition to body control operation.[5]
  • Recoil Burst: An incredibly-powerful slash performed by using the two systems of control in a contradictory way, intentionally causing Bahamut to rampage.[5]
  • End Action: A series of consecutive attacks, performed by alternately using mind control operation and body control operation. When performed by a physically-superhuman Drag-Knight like Fugil, it can last for several minutes.[5]
  • Over Limit: By removing the limiters normally in place to protect the Drag-Ride and its user, Bahamut can become far more powerful. During this state, Bahamut can attack with such force that it damages itself.[5]


  • Pile Anchor
  • Biting Flare
  • Missing Faith: The Divine Raiment of Typhon, a jet black surge that neutralises other Divine Raiments and weakens the output of other Drag-Rides.[5]

Zero One Edit

Another of Ouroboros' special armaments, which uses the teleportation system of the Ruins to transfer a target to a space inside Ouroboros or Avalon. This space is spherical in shape and surrounded by silver walls, and is immune to interference from external forces. In this space, time is stopped except for the user. [5] Activating Zero One takes about one second when using mind control operation . [5]

Zero One can be used to avoid an enemy's attack. If the user is in Bahamut at the time, they can activate Reload on Fire while in the protected space, to remain safe while slowed down, and then counterattack once they are in the accelerated state. It can also be used to take in an energy attack, such as Vritra's lightning attack, and release it as a counterattack. [5]

However, Zero One is not without weaknesses. It is limited in the amount of material it can store - something the size of Jormungandr exceeds this capacity. It can only hold one thing at a time, and must release this before taking in something else. It also can only store a target for a maximum duration of around one to two minutes.[5]

Endless Edit

Ouroboros' Divine Raiment. It has two uses, depending on whether it is being amplified by the other seven Ruins or not.

Without the other Ruins, Endless creates a territory of rainbow light with a radius of a hundred kl, in which the rules of the world can be changed. This is dependent on the internal mechanisms of Avalon. If these are destroyed, Endless will not function. [5]

"Those who aren’t wearing Drag-Rides and their movement won’t be perceived in this world": This change means that people who are not wearing Drag-Rides can no longer be perceived. While attacks that affect an area can still hit them, the user can evade these using Zero One.[5]

"It’s impossible to get outside from inside a building by one’s own will": This change makes it impossible to escape a building. [5]

"──Destructive power other than direct attacks using mass will become ineffective": This change means that only attacks that derive their power from mass continue to work. Energy attacks become completely ineffective, even ones as powerful as a bombardment from Jormungandr. This gives Ouroboros an advantage, as its overwhelming mass makes it superior in a battle of purely physical attacks.[5]

"──When oneself receives an attack that is unleashed by another person, they won’t receive an attack from another different person": This change means that when a person is attacked by someone, they are unaffected by attacks coming from any other person. This gives an advantage to Ouroboros' user if they are alone, as they can fight without restriction while their opponents cannot take advantage of their numbers. It does not apply if someone attacks their own self, but it does apply if they use an attack originating from another person (e.g. by storing it with Zero One and releasing it).[5]

When amplified by the other seven Ruins, Endless can be used to alter the perceptions of memories of people on a worldwide scale. It can rewrite history, regardless of how much destruction or death has occurred. [6]

However, people who have undergone Baptism are resistant to this perception manipulation. The greater the degree of Baptism, the greater the resistance.However, this is not enough on its own; a person must have the will to resist in order to truly break free of the manipulation. [7]


  • Fugil is the strongest Drag-knight in Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. His piloting skill, physical ability, and Divine Drag-Ride exceed the others.
  • Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography,


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