Holy Arcadia EmpireEdit

Arshalia Rei Arcadia (Lord) Edit

Fugil was originally an enemy of the Lords, but Arshalia saved him and made him her guard in order to end the insurrection in the empire and guide it to peace.[1]

Listelka Rei ArshaliaEdit

Listelka thought of him as a saviour. A long time ago, the branch family overthrew Holy Arcadia Empire and eradicated the main family. Fugil saved her and her sisters. Listelka later had a crush on him and she did not let anyone insult Fugil, not even her sisters or maid. [2] [3] [4]

Aeril Vi ArcadiaEdit

Hayes Vi ArcadiaEdit

Mishis V Xfer Edit

Mishis was angry when she saw Listelka was dead in his hand. Mishis intended to avenge her but she was no match against Ouroboros and Fugil.

Old Arcadia EmpireEdit

Diseld ArcadiaEdit

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Lux ArcadiaEdit

Lux was Fugil's disciple. He trained and taught Lux to be a great Drag-Knight and he believed Lux could be the ruler candidate. Five years ago, Fugil gave him Bahamut to overthrow the Old Arcadia Empire. In the throne room, after Airi had been saved, Lux shocked knowing his plan to make him the new Emperor of Arcadia Empire. Lux confronted him but was knocked out easily.

Even amongst they who receive salvation from Sacred Eclipse and/or Divine Drag-Rides from his possessions, Lux is considered to be the best. Even Gear Leaders are forbidden to eliminate him despite he is unaffected by world revision. [5]

Lisesharte AtismataEdit

Fugil gave Tiamat to Lisha because he probably saw her potential as a "king" candidate like Lux. He replies to Lisha: "It (handing over tiamat) 's a salvation".[4]

Singlen Shelbrit Edit


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