Iblis was one of the Ragnarok, originating from the Ruin Garden.

Appearance Edit

Iblis had the appearance of an enormous demon, larger than several houses combined. It resembled a larger version of a Diablos. It had wings and six arms.[1]

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Iblis possessed immense strength. Combined with its six arms, this made it a formidable opponent at close range.[1] Even when entangled by the tentacles of Poseidon, a fellow Ragnarok, it was strong enough to quickly tear them apart. However, it was not as strong as Gorynych in Devil Machia Mode, which is capable of crushing it to death with a single arm.[2]

Mental Pollution: Iblis' primary and most dangerous ability. Both the sound of its voice and the light produced by its eyes had negative effects on the minds of those who perceive them. Victims experience negative emotions such as terror and anxiety, and potentially hallucinations that cause them to attack their own allies. Drag-Ride barriers cannot stop this ability. The effects are stronger the closer a person is to Iblis and strongest for those who look directly at its eyes. Iblis had difficulty focusing on particular targets, so if allies are present it would limit its use of this ability.[1]

The mental pollution could be counteracted in several ways. Since the ability weakens over distance, fighting at long range is an option. Plugging one's ears will block the auditory component but not the visual component. Baptism applied to an eye also confers resistance (presumably only to the visual component), as Yoruka demonstrates. Mental discipline from intense training, such as that possessed by Celes, can help in maintaining one's sanity. A low dose of Elixir will grant resistance for ten-odd minutes.[1]

Fire Breath: Iblis could breathe fire. This attack cannot be blocked by a Drag-Ride's barrier.[1]

Self Destruct: Even if critically injured, Iblis could unleash a powerful attack by detonating its own body to produce intense flames. This attack was preceded by the emission of sparks from its body.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Iblis is the equivalent to Satan in Islam.


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