Krulcifer Einfolk (クルルシファー·エインフォルクKururushifā Einfuku) is one of the female protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.

A classmate who is a transfer student from the Ymir Theocracy, a powerful nation from the north. She is the user of the Divine Drag-Ride "Fafnir" ファフニール Fafunīru).


Krulcifer Has light blue colored hair with black hair trimmed tied In A Ribbon. She has a thin and ill proportioned body with no features and blue eyes of cold light.

Lux described her like a perfect work of art, showing neither strain nor slack and has a mature air around her.

Personality Edit

Whenever she became embarrassed, Krucifer can easily compose herself right away and offer a witty remark . She also has a straightforward and daring personality. She feels like she needs to accomplish her own problems on her own, and in one case sells herself extremely short because of that fact when Lux helps her in a duel. She enjoys teasing others as well and has proven herself to be quite manipulative, but is overall a down to earth person.

History Edit

Background Edit

Krulcifer was discovered by Stiyl in a treasure box in Hall, the Ruin of the Ymir Theocracy. Stiyl decided to adopt her into the Einfolk family.[1]

Seven years prior to the story's present, during the Pilgrimage Festival of that year, several nobles took Krulcifer to Hall in an attempt to uncover its secrets. This caused the Ruin to rampage and release a number of Abyss. The Drag-Knights of the era had great difficulty in fighting the Abyss, and the noble house of Gizalut was destroyed (with one survivor, Mel).[2][3]

Krulcifer worked hard in every field in an attempt to become closer to her adoptive family, but this only widened the gap between her and them. During a tournament two years ago, she fought and defeated Mel, receiving the Divine Drag-Ride Fafnir as a prize. However, because Mel had previously defeated Krulcifer's adoptive older brother Zain, this incident made Zain look weak and caused him to experience hardships.[4]

One and a half years prior to the present, some church officials again took Krulcifer to the Ruin, again causing it to rampage. Krulcifer became trapped under rubble in the process. She was saved by Stiyl, but he was injured to the point of no longer being able to fight and walk without a cane. Due to this, Stiyl decided to deliberately distance Krulcifer from the Einfolk house in order to protect her from again being used in this manner. Stiyl revealed the fact the study abroad was to drive her out from Ymir and to find fiancee candidate wasn't the true goal. [3]

Fallen Prince ArcEdit

(work in progress)

Abilities Edit

Martial Arts: Krulcifer is skilled at unarmed martial arts, being capable of quickly and seemingly effortlessly throwing Lux, himself a skilled combatant.[5]

High Drag-Ride aptitude: As an Xfer, Krulcifer possesses higher aptitude for Drag-Rides than normal humans.[3]

Full Connect: A unique form that only Xfer can access due to their Drag-Ride aptitude, wherein they physically fuse with their Drag-Ride. In this form, Krulcifer's reaction time becomes superhuman due to her nerves being connected to the senses of her Drag-Ride. She can also move with much greater precision than normal. She gains the ability to control her Drag-Ride's special armaments manually and use them in new ways. However, because she is fused to the Drag-Ride Krulcifer feels more pain from damage dealt to the armour.[3]


Fafnir is Krulcifer's Divine Drag-Ride. It is well-balanced in terms of offence, defence and mobility.

Freezing Cannon: Fafnir's offensive special armament. It is a sniper rifle that fires projectiles which freeze the target. The resulting ice is durable enough to restrain even a strong Abyss such as a Golem. Krulcifer is very accurate with this weapon, to the point that it is difficult to avoid all of her shots.[1] However, the shots (and thus their freezing effect) can be blocked by using other objects as a shield.[6]

Auto Shield: Fafnir's defensive special armament. It comprises seven octagonal shields of bluish-white light which automatically detect an enemy attack and intercept it. The shields are several times harder than an ordinary Drag-Ride barrier.[1] When in Full Connect, Krulcifer can move the shields away from herself.[3]

  • Richochet shooting: By moving the shields so that they surround the enemy, Krulcifer can ricochet her bullets off the shield so that they hit the enemy from multiple directions.[3]

Wise Blood: Fafnir's Divine Raiment, which allows Krulcifer to see a few seconds into the future. This ability has a radius of a few dozen metres.[6] She can use this to dodge attacks even from a blind spot. She can also use it offensively, by aiming at the opening created after dodging the an enemy's attack.[1]

  • Wise Blood - Accel: While in Full Connect, Krulcifer can use a stronger version of Wise Blood in which she makes several hundred predictions, resulting in a formula to reach victory. For example, this can allow her to fire and ricochet dozens of shots so that they strike the enemy's vital points.[3]

Other AbilitiesEdit

Krulcifer is very intelligent, being at the top of the second-year students despite being a foreign student. She is able to act as a private tutor to Lux.[7]


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