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Royal Officer AcademyEdit

Lux ArcadiaEdit

Krulcifer is in love with Lux. This stems from his helping her avoid becoming engaged and later helping her reconcile with her family. She also admits to liking his forceful side.[1] Despite her feelings, she often teases Lux as well, such as making fun of his childish face and short height.[2]

Krulcifer acts as a private tutor for Lux, helping him to obtain good grades because of his limited experience at studying.[3]

During their first meeting, Krulcifer mistook Lux for a pervert and, despite considering him attractive, did not hesitate to subdue him.[4] Later on, she was willing to confide in him her desire to find the Black Hero.[5] When Lux revealed that he is the Black Hero, she was willing to meet his request to help in the battle.[6] To prevent her family pressing her into an engagement, Krulcifer asked Lux to pretend to be her lover for a week and had no problem with acting in this role, such as asking for a date with him in public and linking arms.[3] She didn't have serious feelings for him, but started becoming interested after they revealed their pasts to each other.[7]

Later in epilogue part volume 7, she was scolded because she had lied about the matter of engagement, but then was praised by the Family Members of Einfolk for choosing Lux as fiancée candidate. They told her that she chose a fine man. Then, Lux said that was great but then shocked. He mentioned that his status as criminal would not allow him to get married but the Einfolk household didn't mind it neither did Krulcifer. Krulcifer finished the conversation and then She kissed Lux who still panicked.


Stiyl EinfolkEdit

Some years ago, Krulcifer was found by Stiyl while he was investigating the ruin. Stiyl addopted her as his foster child but krulcifer felt unloved by them. They treated her as the key to unlock dungeon. after she had been 17 years old, Krulcifer went to study abroad to New Kingdom Atismata to find a noble fiancee candidate. Stiyl later revealed the fact that he had been pretending to hate her in order to protect her from influential people in Ymir who used her as the key. he also lied that the study abroad wasn't to find fiancee and he didn't claim that he saved her from rampaging ruin one and a half years ago from the present. after the truth explained, Krulcifer is now admitted as the part of Einfolk.

Alterize McClairEdit

Alterize serves Krulcifer as the butler of the Einfolk house. The two of them knew each other's personalities well and acted unreserved towards each other, unlike a typical relationship between master and servant.[8] This is due to their similar circumstances, Krulcifer being adopted from the Ruins and Alterize from an orphanage.[1] During Alterize's first appearance, Krulcifer disliked her attempts to make her get married for the sake of the family (disregarding Krulcifer's own wishes). Krulcifer chose to challenge Barzeride, the fiancee arranged for her by Alterize, rather than go along with the engagement.[8] During the duel, Krulcifer showed no hesitation in fighting Alterize seriously to achieve her own goals.[9] Afterwards, the two of them reconcile, with Krulcifer admitting that she was also at fault.[1]


Balzeride KreutzerEdit


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