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Lordgalia is the capital city of the New Kingdom Atismata.


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Lordgalia consists of seventeen blocks, making it far bigger than the fort city of Cross Field. It is designed to be self-sufficient, with industry, agriculture, commerce and the military base all arranged in a regular layout. Another benefit of this layout is that it leaves few hiding places for criminal, making it easier to capture them. At night, lighting is provided by orange-coloured lamps.[1]

The city has many things to interest visitors, including a Drag-Ride museum, several famous tailors, a national park with a small stream, a street lined with food stalls, and a district of craftsmen who make and sell special handicrafts. There are several hotels to accomodate visitors.[1]

An event that takes place in Lordgalia is the All-Dragon Battle, a tournament in which Drag-Knights compete in mock battles.[2]

When major events occur, the number of people in Lordgalia naturally increases, with even people from other countries travelling to the city. This causes thieves to also gather here.[1]



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