Mel Gizalut is one of the members of the Seven Dragon Paladins who represents the Ymir Theocracy.

Appearance Edit

Mel has wavy platinum hair and petite body. She normally wears a chic black dress.[1]

Personality Edit

Due to her family being killed by Abyss, Mel has an absolute hatred of the creatures. When she sees an Abyss, she will attempt to kill it at all costs, disregarding teamwork and saving people. She is aware of this habit of hers but cannot stop it.[2]

Unlike other people from the Ymir Theocracy, Mel does not believe in its religion due to the deaths of her family.[3]

History Edit


Mel was born from an illicit relationship between a man of the Gizalut house, a noted family of Drag-Knights, and Orphel from the church. As this could not be publicly revealed, she was adopted into the family.[3] During the Pilgrimage Festival seven years before the present, the Ruin Hall rampaged (due to Krulcifer being brought there, though this wasn't known at the time). Over ten Abyss emerged and the inexperienced Drag-Knights of the time had difficulty dealing with them. All of the Gizalut house was killed in the attack, except for Mel herself.[2]

Orphel was unable to officially act as Mel's mother due to her position, but nevertheless checked on her regularly. When Mel was injured or sick, Orphel nursed her through the night. Mel and others around her suspected Orphel of trying to exploit her, but Mel nevertheless accepted her help.[3]

Mel participated in the military arts tournament two years ago. Though still an amateur who had only just learned to control a Drag-Ride, she overwhelmed the other participants, including Zain Einfolk. However, she ultimately lost to Krulcifer in the final match.[4] She received the Divine Drag-Ride Ddraig Gwyber as a prize, due to Orphel suggesting this to the archbishop.[3]

Mel ArcEdit

Campus Festival ArcEdit

Holy Arcadia Empire ArcEdit

Like her fellow Dragon Paladins, Mel is abducted by the Holy Arcadia Empire to do their bidding on its invasion onto Avalon. Together with her fellow Dragon Paladins and other allies of Lux (especially Aeril), Mel joins Lux's battle to stop the Holy Arcadia Empire from obtaining Avalon.

Ouroboros ArcEdit

Together with her fellow Dragon Paladins except for Lux and Singlen who arrived after they are beaten up, Mel joins battle to stop Fugil's world revision.

Rebellion ArcEdit

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Ddraig GwiberEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Mel is the youngest of the Seven Dragon Paladins.


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