Nulph is the Prime Minister of the New Kingdom Atismata.



Initially, Nulph was a loyal assistant to his Queen Raffi. He agreed with her policies and chided other nobles for being impolite to her.[1]

However, Nulph is ultimately interested in preserving the stability of the New Kingdom. After the New Kingdom has gone through various crises, Nulph has come to see Raffi as useless for her dependence on his skills. [2] He believes that it would be better for him to become king and approaches Dist Ralgris trying to gain the support of the Four Great Nobles.[3]



Ries Island ArcEdit

Nulph takes part in a meeting between Raffi, three of the Four Great Nobles and Shalice Baltshift's father. They initially discuss the activities of the Old Empire's army. When Zagha Schultzed complains about how trivial the matter is, Nulph reminds him that he is in the presence of the Queen. Zagha later suggests using the students of the Royal Officer Academy, including Lux Arcadia, to deal with the problem. Nulph objects to the students being sacrificed in this manner. The topic then turns to the Ark and the fact that Marquis Dobar has intruded on it, causing Nulph to bring the meeting to an end. Nulph and Raffi then discuss sending a few agents to investigate this new issue.[1]

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