Raffi Atismata is the queen of the New Kingdom Atismata.





Raffi had a difficult life, being a woman in the androcratic society of the Old Empire. She was made light of even in her own estate. To compound this, she contracted a serious disease when she was young that rendered her unable to have children. This made her useless as a tool for political marriage, as she would not be able to give birth to a son to succeed a noble house. Raffi was engaged at the time, but the parents of her fiance annulled the engagement one-sidedly. From that point on, Raffi lost all hope in life. She attempted suicide several times - hanging herself, cutting her wrists, throwing herself into a swamp - but could never work up the courage to succeed,[1]

However, Raffi later met Waybra Hemt, who claimed to be an inspector in the Atismata territory. Waybra said that he was in a similar environment to Raffi and pretended to accept her for who she was. The two became lovers. They made a promise to secretly leave the territory and quietly married in a remote village. However, Raffi was not aware that Waybra was actually a spy, there to monitor her brother Count Atismata.[1]

When Count Atismata led a revolution against the Old Empire, Raffi revealed her brother's plans to Waybra with the intention of letting him escape. She was not aware that this was recorded by a Drake.[2] Waybra was an advisor to the emperor Diseld and passed the information on, resulting in the rebellion almost being crushed and forcing Fugil Arcadia to rewrite history with Ouroboros.[3] The Old Empire's forces slaughtered Raffi's family and allowed her, wounded and weak, to flee into the forest as part of a game. She was saved by Fugil and Sacred Eclipse, the latter slaughtering the pursuing soldiers and giving a slight Baptism to Raffi.[1]

Raffi woke up after the revolution was over. Fugil guided her to the capital and then entrusted her to Nulph, her brother's aide. Nulph recommended that she take the throne and Raffi became queen of the newly-formed New Kingdom, with Nulph as her prime minister.[1]



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