Ragnaroks are unique Abyss of incredible power, each capable of destroying an army on its own.


In general, the Ragnaroks are enormous monsters that tower above almost all Drag-Knights. Each one has a unique and inhuman appearance. One Ragnarok dwells in each of the seven Ruins and emerges if the Ruin is disturbed. Each Ragnarok contains a crystal known as a Grand Force in its body, which can only be obtained by killing it.

Sacred Eclipse is an exception to the above. It is humanoid in its default form (but can take on other forms at will), is not associated with a Ruin, and does not contain a Grand Force.

Name Ruin of origin Abilities Status
Metatron Babel Reflection of attacks; flight; lasers Deceased
Fenrir Dungeon Ice breath; ice armor (only when rampaging) Deceased
Poseidon Ark Regeneration Deceased
Deus ex Machina Hall Space manipulation Deceased
Yggdrasil Gigas Regeneration; adapting in response to attack; parasitism of living organisms or inorganic objects Deceased
Iblis Garden Mental pollution; fire breath Deceased
Phoenix Moon Fiery feathers; flight Deceased
Sacred Eclipse n/a Resurrection upon death; shapeshifting; abilities of other seven Ragnarok (depending on incarnation) Alive