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Ragreed Forus (ラグリード・フォルス Ragurido Fuorus) is a former noble of the Old Arcadia Empire and one of the antagonists of the Yoruka Arc. He used to be Abel Arcadia's friend and also Philuffy's bully. After being rescued by Hayes, Ragreed joined Hayes's plan to destroy the New Kingdom and then revive the Old Empire under his rule, only to be foiled by Lux and his friends.



Greedy, malevolent and even sadistic, Ragreed is a corrupted and abusive noble who cares only his devious desire. Like most nobles of the former Old Empire, Ragreed enjoyed abusing others.



Nine years ago, Ragreed and his friend Abel noticed that the warehouse where a sacred statue was stored was unlocked. They snuck in and tried touching the statue, but managed to chip it in the process. They decided that their best option was to blame the damage on someone else, only to be discovered by Lux. Lux objected to their plan to lay the blame on Philuffy, but Abel forced him to stay quiet. Ragreed fetched Philuffy and pushed her to make her collide with the statue, and at the same time Abel dropped a fragment of the statue. The two of them loudly accused Philuffy and Abel told Ragreed to fetch the head butler. However, Lux intervened by lying to the butler and saying that he was responsible for damaging the statue. The butler (who is implied to have figured out the truth) decided to let Lux's mother and tutor scold him and left to arrange for the statue's repair. Abel and Ragreed left while insulting Lux.[1]



  • In the anime, Ragreed replaced Velvet as the first antagonist of the Fallen Prince Arc.


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