The Ruins are eight enormous abandoned structures found throughout the world.


The Ruins vary greatly in their appearance, such as a white cube containing multiple different biomes (Garden), a ship floating in the open sea (Ark), or a tower reaching to the clouds (Babel).[1]

The Ruins contain mysterious and advanced technology such as Drag-Rides, as well as ancient manuscripts.[2]

Abyss occasionally appear from the Ruins. To guard against them, the majority of the powerful nations have built fort cities near the Ruins and deploy Drag-Knights for unexpected circumstances.[3] Disturbance to the Ruins may cause the Abyss to appear. For this reason, access to the Ruins is strictly controlled.[4]


The Ruins were originally built by the Holy Arcadia Empire as facilities to process the ores of Mithrildite and Force Core. Later on, when the Empire began expanding, several of the Ruins were used as mobile fortresses.[5]

List of RuinsEdit

Name Location Ragnarok Automaton
Avalon Marcafal Kingdom n/a Arshalia Rei Arcadia
Babel New Kingdom Atismata Metatron Yos Tork
Dungeon Vanheim Principality Fenrir Lu Caria
Ark New Kingdom Atismata, near Ries Island Poseidon La Krusche
Hall Ymir Theocracy Deus ex Machina Ney Louches
Gigas Heiburg Republic (original location) Yggdrasil El Fajura
Garden New Kingdom Atismata Iblis Clan Lieze
Moon Turkimes Confederation (original location) Phoenix Re Plica


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