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Sacred Eclipse is a legendary Ragnarok that is capable of destroying the world.


Sacred Eclipse has a highly variable appearance due to its shapeshifting ability. In its "surface" side it resembles a human female with silver hair and blue eyes, wearing a white dress - the appearance of its creator Arshalia. Even this is variable, as Sacred Eclipse can appear as a girl or a mature woman.[1]

In its "reverse" state, Sacred Eclipse looks like a horrifically mutilated version of the former, with head split open, eyeballs missing with Elixir flowing from the now-empty sockets, mouth warped into the shape of a crescent moon and lacking a tongue or teeth, skin burnt black and filled with holes, and both arms missing.[1] It can assume the appearance of any person that would disturb the heart of its current opponent, such as a loved one. It can also alter its shape for combat, such as sprouting tentacles.[2]


The personality of Sacred Eclipse differs depending on its current state. In its "surface" state, it will grant the wishes of humans.[3] It does not take morality into account, granting Gerdaf's desire for revenge just as readily as it grants selfless wishes to save the life of another.[2]

In its "reverse" state, Sacred Eclipse is as dangerous as any of the other Ragnarok. It detects conflict and attempts to bring salvation by indiscriminately attacking all involved.[4] When mimicking a particular person, it assumes a personality similar to that person but distorted by its own malicious nature. For example, when mimicking Celis' mentor Wade, it acts familiar with Celis while also criticising her and trying to break her spirit. However, it can also be confused when its opponent does something it does not expect. It expresses admiration for its opponent when defeated - however, it is unclear whether this is Sacred Eclipse's own personality or the personality of the person it copies at the time.[2]



A long time ago, Sacred Eclipse was created by Arshalia and Fugil in order to grant the wishes of people.[3]

Five years before the present, Sacred Eclipse came to Ries Island. It found Lux and the corpse of Philuffy, who had died due to parasitism by Yggdrasil. It granted Lux's wish and brought Philuffy back to life, though still with the parasite in her body.[3]

An unspecified time in the past, Sacred Eclipse encountered Singlen Shelbrit and revived him.[3] She also gave Elixir to Greifer Nest to increase his compatibility for Drag-Rides.[5]

Campus Festival ArcEdit

Sacred Eclipse appears before Fugil during the festival of the Royal Officer Academy. Taking its default form of Arshalia, it seemingly recounts its creator's words and then reverses. Fugil simply asks if it has forgotten everything again and says that its salvation is unnecessary for him. He tells it that it can do what it wants and he will not stop it. Sacred Eclipse leaves.[1]

Sacred Eclipse reappears during the Dragon Marauder attack on the Academy. It calls other Abyss and begins attacking all sides indiscriminately. When Celis intervenes to rescue Airi, it assumes the appearance of her mentor Wade.[4] The Academy guards attack it and tear it into fragments, but each fragment regenerates into a new Sacred Eclipse and the resulting group slaughters them. Celis engages the Ragnarok once she retrieves Lindwurm. During the battle, Celis speaks with Lux about her worries and gains some resolution. She uses Break Purge and tells Noct to evacuate the area. However, Sacred Eclipse returns to its surface state and heals Gerdaf (forcing Lux to fight him again), then reverses again. Celis repeatedly destroys the Sacred Eclipse clones, scattering their body fluids over the ground. She eventually combines forces with Lux and destroys one body with Lightning Flash, the electricity being conducted through the fluid and destroying all of the others as well.[2]

Singlen ArcEdit

Sacred Eclipse reappears in the fortress near Garden, after the battle between Singlen and Yoruka. It grants Yoruka's wish and saves the mortally wounded Lux by using Elixir on him, healing his wound and restoring his stamina. Singlen laughs and reveals that this happened to him as well in the past, also mentioning the "surface" side of Sacred Eclipse. He leaves, advising Lux and Yoruka that Sacred Eclipse will soon change to its "reverse" side and need to be defeated. Sacred Eclipse transforms and becomes aggressive, calling in a swarm of Abyss. In the ensuing battle, it demonstrates that it now has the abilities of Yggdrasil as well, but is defeated by the combined efforts of Lux and Yoruka.[3]

Holy Arcadia Empire ArcEdit

Ouroboros ArcEdit


Sacred Eclipse is considered the most dangerous of the Ragnarok, capable of eventually becoming powerful enough to destroy the world. It is intelligent and can learn its enemy's techniques, such as learning Lux's ability to predict the opponent.[3] Sacred Eclipse is not as innately durable as other Ragnarok, likely due to its much smaller size - even the basic attacks of Celis (who is admittedly a skilled Drag-Knight with a Divine Drag-Ride) can instantly reduce one of its clones to ash.[2]

Shapeshifting: Sacred Eclipse can shapeshift into a wide variety of forms. It perfectly reproduce the appearance (and also voice) of any human, male or female, young or old. It can also produce tentacles like those of Poseidon[2] or branches like those of Yggdrasil[3] to attack. It can transform only the tip of a tentacle into a person, making it appear to have captured a hostage in order to trick an opponent.[2]

Abyss Control: Sacred Eclipse can produce the same sound as a horn flute, allowing it to control other Abyss in large numbers.[2]

Self-Revival: When Sacred Eclipse is killed, it will revive after a period of time. The time taken to revive decreases with each revival.[6] Each time it revives, it gains access to the abilities of more of the other Ragnarok.[3]

Revival: Sacred Eclipse can also revive others by injecting Elixir into their bodies with one finger, healing any injuries and restoring lost stamina. This may cause them to transform into a Nocturnal.[2]

Regeneration: Sacred Eclipse has extremely strong regeneration, similar to but stronger than Poseidon's. Even if it is torn to pieces by attacks, each piece can regenerate into a new copy of Sacred Eclipse. However, it cannot regenerate if the core is destroyed, like other Ragnarok. [2]

Tentacles: Sacred Eclipse can produce countless tentacles from its body like Poseidon, but with greater offensive power. The tentacles have clawed tips that can easily pierce the barrier and armour of a Drag-Ride. They can also be swung like whips. Sacred Eclipse can emit shockwaves from its tentacles which are powerful enough to pierce through trees.[2]

Life Energy Transfer: Like Yggdrasil, Sacred Eclipse can absorb the life energy of other Abyss by piercing them with its branches. This is used to fuel its regeneration and reinforcement abilities. Sacred Eclipse can also transfer its energy to make other Abyss evolve, strengthening them and granting them the same resistances that Sacred Eclipse has developed. However, normal Abyss are gradually destroyed by the resulting power, causing their bodies to crumble.[3]

High-Speed Reinforcement: Like Yggdrasil, each time it receives an attack, Sacred Eclipse develops resistance to that type of attack and also becomes stronger. It can even do so in response to the deaths of other Abyss that it has transferred energy to.[3]


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