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Saniya Lemiste (サニア・レミスト Saniya Remisuto) was the Third Year knight member of the “Knight Squadron”. She was initially portrayed an admirer of the Knight Squadron's leader Celistia and one of many students who protested Lux's enrollment into Royal Officer Academy. During the duel between Celis and Lux, Saniya was revealed as a spy of the Heiburg Republic.


Saniya possessed an average height and dark skin.


Saniya was said to be one of the stern and disciplined girls. She was also initially seen as a loyal friend who willing to stay by her ally's side, specifically Celistia Ralgris who she supposedly viewed and admired due to her sympathy over her "abusive" past. Due to that very "abusive" past, Saniya possessed a strong antagonism against men.

Her loyal and calm demeanor was a mask for her sinister and manipulative side. She also had a hatred against nobles.



According to the false background that she told Celistia, Saniya was the only girl of seven siblings in the Lemiste house of the Old Arcadia Empire. She was tormented by her father and brothers, with this treatment only stopping when the Old Empire fell five years ago.[1]

In truth, Saniya was made an orphan by the Heiburg Republic's war with the Old Arcadia Empire. She and Ignid were taken in by the country's military affairs department and entered the officer training school. At first, they remained at the lowest class of Drag-Knight because of their low birth. However, when Hayes chose them as her direct subordinates and became the strategist for the Heiburg Republic, Saniya and Ignid rose in status.[2]

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