Seven Dragon Paladins
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Kana 七竜騎聖
Romaji Nana Ryū Ki Sei
Kingdom Varies
Current Members Magialca Zen Vanfrick (Captain)

Singlen Shelbrit (Vice Captain)
Lux Arcadia
Mel Gizalut
Greifer Nest
Rosa Granhide
Soffice Xfer

Former Members N/A

The Seven Dragon Paladins are the group of seven warriors and Drag-Ride drivers who represent each nation to prevent their world from imminent destruction, even though each had their own agenda and motives in regarding obtaining all of the Ruin across the world for their kingdom's dominance.



Becoming Hostage under Royal Arcadia EmpireEdit

Invasion onto AvalonEdit

Betrayal Against the Royal Arcadia EmpireEdit

Lux vs. SinglenEdit

Fugil and the AvalonEdit

With Singlen's departure from Avalon after his defeat, Lux is then losing his consciousness after his harrowing battle against his fellow Paladin. Elsewhere, with Hayes is distracted by Lisha, Aeril, Krulcifer and Phi-with the last 4 manage to weaken the former, the Dragon Paladins proceed to chase Listelka. Unfortunately, Listelka eventually sacrifices Hayes and participate the third trial in order to obtain Sacred Eclipse's power, which she nearly succeeds; only to be betrayed by Fugil who killed her because he can't stand her blind devotion for the Lord's cause while obtaining power, therefore he "replaces" Listelka in passing the Third Trial and obtain Avalon.

As soon as Lux awakens from his subconscious, he witnesses Avalon's sudden change while confronting Fugil who has already obtain Avalon after killing Mishis. Magialca, followed by the remnants of the Paladin Dragons as well as Aeril, comes to Lux's side and confronts Fugil where Aeril refuses to forgive him for manipulating and killing her sisters.

List of MembersEdit

Paladins Drag-Ride Kingdom Position Description
Lux Arcadia Bahamut New Kingdom Atismata Member Formerly the Seventh Prince of the fallen Old Arcadia Empire, Lux is also known as the Black Hero for aiding the coup and his reputation in defeated 1,200 Drag Rides alone. Once a Chore Prince in Atismata New Kingdom, his notable involvement in foiling Hayes's Recapturing Empire Plan has garnered his spot as one of Seven Dragon Paladins.


Mel Gizalut Ddraig Gwiber Ymir Theocracy Member A young prodigy who possessing a power even in young age.
Rosa Granhide Gorynych Mel Gizalut Member A ferocious yet oppressive warrior who is prone to sadism and violence against both her enemies and even allies. In spite her position of the Seven Dragon Paladin, she willingly to use any cheap tricks or even lie to get what she wants. She is then reformed since her defeat by the hands of Lux and the demise of the King of Vice.
Soffice Xfer Vritra Turkhimes Confederation Member (TBA)
Greifer Nest Cuelebre Vanheim Principality Member (TBA)
Singlen Shelbrit Leviathan Blackend Kingdom Vice Captain The Vice Captain of the entire Seven Dragon Paladin and the second strongest of all the seven. He is one of few people to have survive the Baptism and gained its ability. Due to his possession of unimaginable ambition, he is a rival to Lux, Yoruka and even Fugil.
Magialca Zen Vanfrick Jormungandr Marcafal Kingdom Captain The Captain and Leader of all Seven Paladins who happened to be Philuffy's trainer.


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