Singlen Shelbrit was the vice-captain of the Seven Dragon Paladins and the representative of the Blackend Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Singlen had a small stature, around the same as Lux. His left eye was covered in a distinctive eye patch, while his right eye gave off an impression of bottomless darkness. His hair was black and he wore a deep blue cloak.[1][2]

Personality Edit

Singlen had a cruel and heartless personality.

History Edit

Over twenty years ago, Singlen along with her sister were a powerless even though born from noble family. Their relatives treated them coldly but he ignored them. He never liked to deal with dispute but he had a remarkable talent that Fugil and Zweibergk took interest in. Once upon a time, Zweibergk had a nice impression when he had to go to noble family Shelbrit's government area to train that family to produce knight. Zweibergk became Singlen's mentor.

Several years ago (over ten years), he was an atrocious general in Blackend Kingdom. The King of Blackend feared him and put him in jail.

The king then wished to kill Singlen. Because the military didn't receive any information about his whereabouts, they decided to kill Singlen's sister Marche. Singlen took revenge for his sister and rebelled single-handedly against the royal family, his relatives and the noblemen. His goal was to seize politic standing and people's conviction of Blacked Kingdom who resented Shelbrit who never did anything. Although he was killed by a group of murderer that was sent. Sacred Eclipse revived Singlen. After that Fugil met and gave him Leviathan to pull out his talent as drag-knight and became the King who would bring peace to Blackend Kingdom.[3]

Abilities Edit

Tuning: Singlen could manually change the Drag-Ride's settings in the middle of battle. These techniques are extremely risky as they leave the user's body vulnerable to attack. However, Singlen was a master of this technique, making him extremely powerful.[4]

  • Battle Array - Aeon Fire: Singlen diverted power from other functions to his weapon, increasing its power. This allowed him to overpower Lux in a Wyvern while wearing a Drake himself, even though a Drake has lower basic performance than a Wyvern. Although, in that state, other operation functions and defense power decrease. This technique basically is effective for sure-kill attacks or when the enemy is unable to dodge or counterattack.[5]
  • Battle Array - Purple Lightning
  • Battle Array - Royal Domain
  • Battle Array - Vicissitude: A parrying technique that uses tuning by controlling the barrier system of the Drag-Ride manually to forcefully deflect an attack.[5]
  • Battle Array - Moon Reflection: A tuning that allows the pilot to listen the echo of the surroundings. it will work like a SONAR system. [6]


Leaning: Leviathan's Divine Raiment, which allows its user to freely control water. Singlen could use it to create a very hard layered-barrier, water membrane to cover his armor, or to attack the enemy. Its defense system has high durability, even the consecutive slashes of End Action could hardly penetrate this defense and it took several dozen slashes for Yoruka to destroy its only layered-barriers while the armor could defend Singlen from deadly strikes. [7]

  • Ballast: Leviathan's special armament, which gathers water to control using Leaning. It compensates for Leaning's requirement for nearby water. Ballast gathers water slowly in an arid environment. 

Slyt: Leviathan's other special armament, which regenerates its armor and can be used as long as the Sword Device at least still remains. After Slyt is used, it cannot be used again for a while. [7]

True Battle Array : Singlen could apply Tuning at Leviathan's Divine Raiment, making his defense and attack patterns more variable.[7]

  • True Battle Array Aeon Fire - Mizuchi: A slash with a blade made from water, concentrated at one point. It has a range of dozens of ml and can even pierce the barrier of a Divine Drag-Ride in Over Limit. [7]
  • True Battle Array Aeon Fire Moon Reflection - Web Cut: Singlen used his stored water to create mist and rain. By listening to the sounds made by the rain hitting objects, Singlen could sense his surroundings.[7]
  • True Battle Array Royal Domain - Earth Spider: A technique that creates water armor to disperse impact from enemy's attack. This ability is very like Battle Array - Vicissitude which deflect enemy's attack. Because Singlen can combine the water barrier and the water armor, this defense pattern is more absolute than Battle Array - Vicissitude:
  • True Battle Array Vicissitudes – Outer Cloud: Singlen adds more defense pattern by manipulating stored water into barrier of storm. [3]
  • True Battle Array God's Might - Road of Evil: Singlen controls water to increase Leviathan's propulsive force, giving him the power to dash.

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