Stefa Hersmice is a citizen of the Heiburg Republic and the cousin of Calensia Hersmice.


Stefa has closed eyes, due to her blindness, and light-coloured hair. She wears a shoulder-baring dress.


Stefa is a gentle and polite person. She is the type to believe in her friends, believing (correctly, as it turns out) that Rosa hasn't become evil like the rumours suggest. However, she is aware of the darker side of the Heiburg Republic, thanks to her time as a military cadet, and takes a more cynical attitude towards this.[1] Stefa is prepared to embrace danger when necessary, as shown when she confronts Rosa and tells her to stop, even when she's surrounded by Drag-Knights.[2]



Stefa was born the daughter of a carpenter.[3] She and Calensia showed aptitude for Drag-Rides and were thus able to enter the military academy. During this time, they became familiar with Rosa Granhide.[1] Stefa and Calensia were part of a special class who, as preparations for the future, were given the duty of guarding the Underground Market. Here she learned of the illegal activities in the market and the role of the Heiburg military in them.[3]

On one of her birthdays, Stefa received a hair clip decorated with blue gems from Calensia as a present.[3]

However, Stefa suffered an injury during practice that caused her to become blind, for which she was expelled from the academy. She never met Calensia again after this incident.[1] Unknown to her, Calensia had been killed and replaced by the King of Vices, who then secretly used Stefa as a hostage to make Rosa obey her orders.[4] Afterwards, Stefa lived alone with her father.[3]

Volume 10Edit

Stefa goes out on a midnight stroll but is harassed by a guard. Lux (currently infiltrating the Heiburg Republic under the false identity of "Rudy Eintoss") comes to the rescue and (to avoid standing out) tries to leave immediately, but Stefa reveals that she is blind and lost her cane in the confrontation, so she can't find her way home. When she mentions that she used to know Rosa and Calensia, Lux decides to accompany Stefa so that he can find out more information on these two. Stefa explains her past and says that she can't believe the rumours about Rosa's current behaviour. When they arrive at the area around Stefa's house, Stefa asks and confirms that Lux will be participating in the Underground Market, then begs him to tell Calensia about her. She wants Lux to try and arrange a meeting between her and Calensia, as they haven't met ever since Stefa's accident.[1]

Lux and Philuffy meet Stefa at her house the next morning. She explains how she and Calensia used to be a guard for the Underground Market and tells the pair of several places where Calensia, assuming that she is still doing this duty, will stop by. She asks Lux to ask Calensia about what is going on in the country and what happened to Rosa.[3]

Stefa next appears during the confrontation between Lux and Rosa in the central plaza. She slips past the Drag Knights and begs Rosa to stop. Stefa's appearance causes Rosa's facade of evil to waver, but Rosa persists and orders her subordinates to remove Stefa from the area. This is interrupted by Lux activating Over Limit.[2] After Lux demonstrates his power and causes the Heiburg troops to flee in panic, the Triad take advantage of the confusion to carry Stefa and the wounded Philuffy away.[5]

Stefa meets Lux in a deserted tea house after the battle of Hidehelm is over. Lux comes clean about his identity and the reason for his visit to Heiburg. He planned on having Calensia come along as well, but the King of Vices lied and claimed that she felt she didn't have the right to meet her, instead asking Lux to pass on a message to Stefa. Stefa still believes that Rosa still has some of her past self within her and plans on asking Calensia for a chance to meet her in prison.[4]



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