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Ymir Nobility Arc is the second story arc of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. This arc focuses on Krulcifer Einfolk, a transfer student from the Ymir Theocracy who requests that Lux pretend to be her lover for a week. The arc also features the first exploration of a Ruin and reveals that some nobles of the New Kingdom Atismata follow the Old Arcadia Empire's dark legacy.


Lux-Kun ContestEdit

At the Royal Officer Academy, Lux Arcadia enters Relie Aingram's office regarding an overwhelming job request letters for him. To solve the problem, Relie informs that the school will hold a special event named "Lux-kun Contest" where anyone who successfully capture Lux's request form will request him any wish they desire and he will provide his service to the winner within a week (however, use of Drag-Rides is prohibited). Before Lux could even protest, Relie informs everyone that the game has a one hour limit and the thunderous footsteps, that are heard outside the principle room, indicates the event is already begin and Lux forces to run away from the students in the academy.

As the contest begins, everyone tries to find and and capture Lux but none of them are successful: Lux first meets Lisesharte Atismata who is discussing about her new experiment which later reveals as a trap, though Lux barely escapes. Next, he encounters Philuffy Aingram who pins him down because Relie promised her a cake should she capture Lux, only to be distracted by a fallen request Lux's pocket that also allowing him to flee away. With ten minutes remaining, Lux manages to evade capture until he overhearing the arrival of the Knight Squadrons, prompting him hiding inside a room that is later revealed to be their changing room.

Krulcifer as the winner.

Unfortunately, Lux is found by Krulcifer who is coincidentally searching for a Drag-Ride guidebook but defends him until the Knight Squadron leave the room; then she tricks Lux to give her the request form until the bell rings, making her as the winner of this contest. Ergo, Krulcifer requests Lux to be her one-week boyfriend much to Lux's dismay.


Engagement Circumstances of the Young Woman of the NorthEdit

A Messenger of YmirEdit

Balzeride Conspiracy for the CrownEdit

Four Nobles MeetingEdit

Meanwhile, the Royal Palace is holding an emergency meeting about the Ragnarok, with Queen Raffi facing Four Great Nobles alongside with the Prime Minister and the Vice-Commander. The news regarding about the Ragnarok prompts everyone's fear as three out four Four Great Nobles asks to do something about it, until Warg from the Kreutzer House.

Shady DealEdit

Shady meeting

Belzaride's meeting with a stranger.

In his House's residence, Balzeride meets the Black Marketer regarding the Drag Ride named Aži Dahāka while bragging his glorious achievements as the tournament's third place. To his surprise, Balzeride learns from the Black Marketer that Krulcifer is the key to an unknown Ruin while being encouraged to use her as much as he desire, garners his interest. As the figure disappears however, Balzeride immediately belittles the dealer regardless her warning and vows to be the New Kingdom's new ruler.

The Sixth Ruin –– One Miniature GardenEdit


Balzeride vs KrulciferEdit

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Black Hero Lux vs Balzeride: The Nobleman's Defeat and DownfallEdit

Illustration 3

Lux's Bahamut surprises both Balzeride and Krulcifer.

Balzeride's harassment towards Krulcifer however is interrupted by Lux who is now riding his Bahamut. While Krulcifer and Alterize are confused to see Lux, Balzeride laughs as he not only realizing Lux's true identity as a Black Hero, he also mocking him as a "fake" whilst threaten him to give up fighting. Unfazed by his threat, Lux instead retorts about how Krulcifer was important to him before equipping his weapon. Alterize intervenes and fight Lux on Balzeride's behalf, only to see her weapons destroyed by Lux's "Reload On Fire". Suddenly, Balzeride steps in and absorbs Alterize's Drag-Ride and tells her to retreat since she is not match against Lux to which Alterize begrudgingly complies and leave despite her doubts.

The duel between Lux and Balzeride ensues as Lux narrowly evades Balzeride's attacks and shoot him with "Reload On Fire" which Balzeride counters via Aži Dahāka's shield that increases its defense 3 fold. Lux then reveals Aži Dahāka's ability in stealing Drag-Ride's energy via absorption, much to Krulcifer's shock. Balzeride remains calm as he further insults Lux that he will never beat him and aims his shot at Krulcifer instead, prompts Lux to rush for Krulcifer only to see Balzeride's Aži Dahāka absorbing Bahamut's energy instead, further paralyzes him. Balzeride continues to gloat as he attempts to persuade Lux to surrender, though Lux smiles as he reveals his plot as to ambush Alterize with his men when she returns to Ymir, of which Lux deems as indifferent than Old Empire's corrupted aristocrats. Balzeride still belittles Lux as he uses his version of "Reload of Fire" to attack Lux that nearly crush Lux, a power Balzeride find impressive and uses it to further taunt Lux that forces the fallen prince to struggle against his rival. Meanwhile, Krulcifer helplessly watches Lux's struggle while receiving an intercom call from Airi who tells her to believe in Lux.

Back to the duel, Lux is becoming strained by Aži Dahāka's absorption of Bahamut's energy. While revealing the Ragnarok's nature to both Lux and Krulcifer, Balzeride further proclaims himself as the New Kingdom's would-be "savior" by using Krulcifer as a key to open the ruins for ancient weapons and utilize them to overcome the impending crisis. Krulcifer is so distraught to learn such revelation to the point telling Lux that she has used him for her personal motive-all the while tears rolling from her eye. Surprisingly, Lux insists on rescuing Krulcifer and declares that he will find a better person for her. As Krulcifer asks him why, Lux simply replies that because she's important to him and his decision to be her strength. Lux then charges towards Balzeride and attacks him only to see Aži Dahāka steals special armament that protecting Balzeride. Despite his advantage however, Lux seals his victory by using Bahamut's "Recoil Burst" to defeat Balzeride that both destroying Aži Dahāka and injuring him.

Manga CHP 19 Thwarted Assassination

Lisha and friends defeated Balzeride's Private Army long before their reinforcement.

Despite Lux's warning and threat to leave Krulcifer's life or face his wrath, Balzeride refuses to admit defeat by resorting to summon his "private army" and continues his mockery against Lux. To Balzeride's surprise, however, Lisha and others have arrive with his defeated "private army" and orders him to surrender as they exposed his evil scheme for the throne. Balzeride instead tries to flee only to be shot by Krulcifer's freeze shot, resulting his arrest. In the aftermath, Krulcifer tells Luz that he is the only one who has never abandoned her, but Lux denies as he replies that everyone also helped out to expose Balzeride's evil scheme. Lisha then brags of her rescue of Krulcifer for Lux's sake despite Philuffy claims otherwise, which prompts Krulcifer to chuckle before everyone return to the academy.


Part 1Edit

One holiday, Airi awakening Lux from his bed by threatens her brother that she will spread rumors about him sleeping with Philphie to everyone in the academy; additionally, Airi further berates Lux's care-free attitude and becoming even annoyed to see him try to brush off the topic.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit



  • Contrasted to the light novel's counterpart, Relie openly announces the Lux-Kun Competition right after Lux's enrollment party.[1]
  • In an anime's third episode's exclusive scene, Lisha asks Lux about the Black Hero and promises that she will keep his identity a secret.
  • Nearly all the battle scene between Lux and Balzeride are altered in the anime's fifth episode. [2]
    • Alterize did not fight against Lux during the duel, nor she did she learn about Lux's identity as the Black Hero that toppled the Arcadia Empire.
    • Balzeride absorbed Alterize's Drag-Dress before confronting Lux in his Bahamut form.
    • Balzeride is never to be seen after his defeat by Lux, though his is arrested off screen in the sixth episode.


Major charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Minor CharacterEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • The Four Great Nobles are introduced as the New Kingdom's core members under the reign of Queen Raffi.
  • Balzeride is introduced as one of Four Great Nobles' prestigious member and Krulcifer's would-be"fiance", as well this arc's main antagonist. While he is attempting to (forcefully) marry Krulcifer against her will, he also scheming to become the New Kingdom's new "ruler" and a self-proclaimed "savior" in order to defeat the Ragnarok creatures. That plot however is foiled by Lisha and her allies and Balzeride himself is sentenced into imprisonment for his crime.
    • Unlike most members of the Four Great Nobles, Balzeride is one of few who retains the Old Empire's practice of objectifying woman as nothing but a tool. For this reason, Balzeride is disgusted by all women (including Lisha) in the New Kingdom.
    • With Aži Dahāka's ability to absorb Drag-Riders energy and ability, Balzeride is the first of few people who nearly matches against Lux (in Bahamut mode) but he later being defeated for unable to foresee Bahamut's second ability.
  • The stranger who Balzeride contacted is later revealed to be Hayes, another survivor of the fallen Arcadia House despite her strong antagonism against Lux.
  • Krulcifer's backstory is explained as she was one of few Hall's survivor prior her adoption by the Einfolk House of Ymir.
  • Ragnarok is mentioned as the strongest and horrifying monsters that shaken the entire world. That threat alone prompted the ministers and aristocrats across every kingdoms to view the Ruins as their (current) best solution and would use any method to unlock the treasures, all to prevent the Ragnarok's attacks to the world.
  • The Garden is introduced as the Sixth Ruin and the first ruin Lux and others find in order to seek a special weapon, of which Krulcifer herself as the living key of the ancient place.
  • The aftermath of the duel between Lux and Balzeride has led a dramatic development in this arc, especially Krulcifer who now possesses her romantic feeling towards Lux.
    • Under a crime for his involvement in an illegal mining onto the Ruins in order to pressure to the opposition, regardless his motivation, Balzeride will be imprisoned within five years. This prompts Balzeride to yield a grudge against Lux before meeting his end by his "friend", who later betrays him by assassinating him for his failure.
      • Kreutzer House would go hiatus as Warg relinquishes his membership as the Four Nobles.
    • Lux's secret identity as the Black Hero will be concealed under Queen Raffi's decree, making her and her prime minister Nalf as among of few to know his secret identity. That however wouldn't lasted as an incident at Ries Island later gotten the aristocrats and minister's attention.
    • Alterize would recognizes Lux as Krulcifer's "official" couple despite Lux tried to explain otherwise.
    • Lisha now views Krulcifer as her love rival after seeing her kissing Lux, further ignite the rivalry between the two.


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