The Ymir Theocracy is the powerful and religious country of the North. It is an ally of the New Kingdom Atismata. Its representative to the Seven Dragon Paladins is Mel Gizalut, while her aide is Krulcifer Einfolk.

Geography Edit

Due to its northern location, the Theocracy has a cold climate - Krulcifer notes that it is possible to freeze to death at night if one is not careful.

The capital city of the country is simply called the Holy Capital. Its Ruin is called Hall and resembles a coal mine.

History Edit

Seven years prior to the story's present, during the Pilgrimage Festival of that year, several nobles took Krulcifer to Hall in an attempt to uncover its secrets. This caused the Ruin to rampage and release a number of Abyss. The Drag-Knights of the era had great difficulty in fighting the Abyss, and the noble house of Gizalut was destroyed (with one survivor, Mel).

One and a half years prior to the present, some church officials again took Krulcifer to the Ruin, again causing it to rampage. Krulcifer became trapped under rubble in the process. She was saved by her father Stiyl, but he was injured to the point of no longer being able to fight.


As its name would suggest, religion is a fundamental part of the Ymir Theocracy. It is centred around a monotheistic religion resembling real life Christianity. The object of worship is a God who is followed by angels. The leader of the faith is the Pope, below which are the archibishop and bishops.

An important religious festival is the Pilgrimage Festival which is held annually. During this festival, all believers offer prayers to their God, while important religious leaders and nobles undertake a pilgrimage to holy locations (one of which is the Hall).

Members of the faith may only marry someone from another country if said foreigner takes part in one of the country's festivals, such as the above Pilgrimage Festival.

According to legend, the country of Ymir was originally locked in ice and snow but was saved when God sent an angel to assist the people. One person managed to communicate with the angel, asking for the whereabouts of God. The angel replied that God dwelled in each and every person, bestowing his protection to all of them.

In the matters of government and political issues, the Theocracy prioritizes religion as a pillar and foundation of government. The absolute power is held by the church. Even a great noble family such as the Einfolk house, which has a strong influence toward military and politics, is unable to refuse. All orders from the church must be carried out.


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