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Yoruka Arc is the fifth story arc of the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. This arc focuses on Yoruka Kirihime, a former assassin of the fallen Old Arcadia Empire whose plans to destroy New Kingdom Atismata and re-establish the Old Empire through its former prince Lux Arcadia, whose refusal eventually sparks their rivalry until her defeat. At the same time, this arc also features Hayes Vi Arcadia, who works with Yoruka and others to destroy the New Kingdom with her sinister plan, the "Empire Recapture Plan".


In one night, Lux is awaken from his slumber and he is surprised to see Yoruka laying on top of him while. claiming him as her "master" she has yearned to meet for a long time. Before her departure, Yoruka promises Lux that she will retake Arcadia Empire by herself without failing, though their first meeting is unaware by anyone.


The Empire’s Assassin BladeEdit

The following day, Lux confronts Lisha who at his bedside while telling him about his remodified Wyvern only for the two to be shocked to see Krulcifer also at Lux's bedside as well, leading to the two girls' argument over who shall taking care of Lux.

Night before the Overall Dragon Competition.Edit

Punishment: Become a Bait for One Hundred Abysses Edit

Lux is called to attend the meeting that four Great Nobles, Prime Minister Nulph, and Queen Raffi hold. Her father secretly observes him through Celistia Ralgris's report. Knowing that Lux could win against Ragnarok making the consuls happy. They intend to make use him as a decoy and gain four winnings. Initially, Airi wants to refuse but Lux restrains her because if he doesn't want to, Sylvalles knights and others might be punished for investigating ruin unlawfully several days ago.

A Sabotage toward Vanheim Principality Edit

Airi has done investigating the strangeness that just happened to the student from Vanheim Principality. A drag ride lost control. That pilot attacked the student and immediately escaped despite several eyewitness happened to see it. Lux concludes the culprit must have been Yoruka. While being unknown by anybody, Yoruka somehow made a direct contact with Drag-Knight who is on patrol. All of sudden, the drag-knight lost control and ambushed candidate from Vanheim Principality. However, Greifer wasn't patient to take a revenge. Greifer ambushed Lux' and Airi. They then fought in a short time but Lux caught up him, resulting Greifer decided to use divine raiment.

Volume 5 Illustration 4

The Girls’ RecompenseEdit

First Date: along with Celistia Edit

Their date is interrupted. Lux knows he is being pursued by several officers. Lux and Celistia escape from them.

Second Date: Deceiving Alterize

Volume 5 Illustration 3

Tonight, Lux and Krulcifer will have a dance party. Lux doesn't know much about Krulcifer's feeling but at least he won't let Krulcifer suffer from political stuff. That is why he helps her to deceive Alterize. At some hidden spot, Alterize watches and eavesdrops them carefully. As Krulcifer expected, thing has gone well today.

Third Date: Philuffy's Lap

Lux really is exhausted. He hasn't recovered from using Over Limit but already had

Ohys-Raws-Saijaku-Muhai-no-Bahamut-10-AT-X-1280x720-x264-AAC.mp4 snapshot 11.20 2016.03.14 10.47.10

a fight against Greifer , met the councils, and went on dates with two girls. Philuffy really cares about Lux. She lets him take a nap using her lap instead of going on a date like the other girls.

Yoruka: Undetected Escort Today Edit

Lux and yoruka

Both has resolved to be enemy in the end. Yoruka will Refound Arcadia Empire, Lux will stop her.

Yoruka and Lux meet tonight. She has been following him all day to protect him from assassins that was sent from Heiburg, but Hayes is in charge of them. She then explains her history in Koto long time ago. Then they resolves to do what they have to do: Yoruka refounds Empire and Lux will stop her.

The Fifth Artifact GigasEdit

Cuelebre vs Bahamut: Edit

while nobody is on the bleachers, Lux's vs Greifer match begins. They immediately turn on their divine raiment. However, Cuelebre can't use its divine raiment under effect of Reload on Fire. Lux makes preemptive strikes using Reload on Fire. Greifer's torso receives a cut from Bahamut's great sword.

Even only in the slightest, Lux suddenly recalls his true memory five years ago. He saw Fugil summoned divine drag-ride Ouroboros and tried to proceed something he currently can't remember.

Yoruka's Defeat and Defection

Yoruka vs Lux

Lux comprehends what her past was. She was dissapointed because officials's defection in attempt to buy Old Empire Arcadia's remission. Even though she felt nothing even up to now, Lux can perceive her subtleties of heart. She loved her brother whom had recognized her as blood-relative sister, a normal human so does Lux. When Lux loudly tells Yoruka what her brother's goal was, Yoruka let her guard down. Lux can tell this and use this opportunity to strike her. Yoruka receives that cut. Yato no Kami finally is dispelled and Yoruka falls down on the ground.

Final Showdown: Hayes's Death. Edit

Hayes in Nidhogg anime


The Fallen Prince's "Reward"Edit

Manga CHP 45 ArcadiaSiblings meeting

Arcadia Siblings attending the meeting with other nobles.

The following aftermath of Empire Recapture Plan's failure, Lisha's name is clear whilst the invaders (Saniya, Lagreed and the rebels) are under arrest and brought into custody for questioning; Hayes' status and even whereabouts meanwhile remain unknown despite her defeat.

Ten days have passed since the aftermath, Lux and Airi are summoned to the government office in regards of his contribution in foiling Empire Recapture Plan. As his "congratulation" for Lux for his exceptional achievement, a high ranking official not only spares Reiri and dropping her "illegal" investigation onto Ries Island altogether, he also declares that the council will lessen Lux's punishment while recommending him joining the ranks of noble and becoming a Drag-Knight and one of Seven Dragon Paladins. To the shock of everyone however, Lux rejects his rewards because not only he is satisfied with Queen Raffi's amnesty and indebted to Lisha's kindness, he also preferring his current lifestyle and requests him to refrain anyone from calling him via anyone in the academy. Despite his displeasure, the high ranking official reluctantly agrees to Lux's term and the siblings leave the meeting.

Manga CHP 46 Dist Expectation

Dist is looking forward to seek Lux for "help" again.

Among the crowd, Dist remarking his "miscalculations" onto Lux after witnessing the fallen prince outmaneuvered the nobles to which Bugriser concludes that he saw through their malicious intent onto him, hence his refusal the acceptance to be free. As Dist proceeds mentioning that Lux made his statement through sheer intimidation instead of smooth talk, Zagha laughs it off as he views the Arcadia Empire's bloodline shall never be underestimated and even seeing him possessing the disposition as the "king"; making their manipulations onto him more difficult. Nevertheless, Dist sees Lux's capability is beyond his expectations so he will plotting to seek his cooperation again so they can save Atismata Kingdom from an unknown catastrophe.

The following night after his trip from the Government for three days, Lux immediately enter into his room that is modified and arranged by Relie and take a nap. To his surprise and embarrassment however, Yoruka appears in front of him as she not only welcoming his return, since she has nowhere to go, as her "pledge" of loyalty to Lux, she takes off her clothes and pinning Lux on his bed in her hopes of bearing his child as the next heir for his ideal kingdom. Surprisingly, the two are interrupted by Lisha who is shocked to see such scene and instead blaming Lux for having an indecent act with Yoruka.

The Untold Truth of Arcadia EmpireEdit

Manga CHP 46 Ominous Relavation

Airi's horrific discovery of an ominous revelation.

While Lux and his friends are having fun, Airi is shocked after she discovered some of the mysteries within the ancient documents they found from the Arc. These ancient documents, which Airi deciphered, not only it contain blueprints and information about everything-from Drag Rides to Ruins, Abyss and even Automation, it also includes a name list of the members of the Thirteen Generation Royal Arcadia Empire; with Hayes's name is among them as the as the Third Princess[1]. Nevertheless, this strange yet ominous discovery gives Airi an uneasy feeling as she is starting to question their own existence and purpose in the world.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • The 46th Chapter shows more of the aftermath of the Empire Recapture Plan.
    • Lux and his friends look at the the ruins of the the city and help clean up the mess.
    • Both Lux and Lisha visit a graveyard containing the fallen until Airi reports the good news that Lisha's name is clear.
    • While the light novel never explores Saniya's fate after her imprisonment, the manga shows more of Saniya's life where she is remorseful and sad while calling Celes a naive fool, especially what she said to her after her defeat. Strangely, neither Ragreed nor the other members of Cerebus seen.
    • Airi is accompanied by Noct during her discovery of the artifact they found from the Ruins.
    • Six of the members of the Seven Dragon Paladins are shown during the epilogue.


  • Half of the battle during the Empire Recapture Plan is altered in the anime series' twelfth episode.
    • Ragreed only fights Lux, whereas in the light novel he later fights Philuffy.
    • Instead of Lisha, Lux is the one to defeat and slay Hayes.
    • For their victory in foiling the Empire Recapture Plan, Lisha becomes queen of the New Kingdom and Lux himself becomes a noble; even though the latter rejects becoming a noble in both the light novel and manga.
      • Since Lisha has become the queen, Raffi's fate remains unclear.
    • Fugil attends the banquet and (distantly) confronting Lux for the last time, foreshadowing their future rivalry in the later arcs (light novel only).
    • The Arcadia siblings' visiting of the hall to receive praise from the council is omitted.
    • Airi's horrific discovery about the Holy Arcadia Empire via the ancient documents she found from the Ark is omitted.


Major charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Minor CharacterEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Yoruka is introduced as a former assassin for the now fallen Old Empire and she is notorious for her prowess even in her own home kingdom prior to the empire's subjugation and eventually occupation of the kingdom.[2]
    • Her past is revealed as her real purpose for her "contract" with Arcadia Empire was for her (deceased) younger brother's sake.
    • Additionally, in order to follow Lux's dream Yoruka begins her contract with Lux as his and his friend's protector.
  • This arc displays most female characters' (Lisha, Krulcifer, Philuffy and Celes) affections towards Lux as they make separated date with Lux within one day.
  • The fifth annual New Foundation Day would be celebrated as the fifth anniversary of the New Kingdom's foundation.
  • Lux meets the Four Great Nobles for the first time and is ordered to hold off the insurgent army from attacking Atismata Kingdom during the New Foundation Day. His success in foiling the Empire Recapture Plan prompts the Four Great Nobles to view him more than useful for the New Kingdom's purposes, indicating the kingdom's suspicious conspiracy in the future arcs.
  • Heiburg Republic's scheme on crushing the New Kingdom via Hayes' Empire Recapture Plot ultimately ends in failure, courtesy of Lux and his friends.
    • While most of the selected members retreat due to the aftermath, it still doesn't eases the New Kingdom's woe as other kingdoms may challenge it someway or another.
    • Those who participated in the Empire Recapture Plan (notably the Cerebus Unit, Ragreed and his fellow insurgent army) are arrested while Hayes's whereabouts remain a mystery.
    • Despite being given a rare offer to become one of the Seven Dragon Paladins, Lux rejects it as his only wish is only live peacefully in the New Kingdom like normal, without knowing that the other Paladins have already making their move. Ironically, this offer foreshadows his future membership as the seventh and last member of the Seven Dragon Paladins.
    • Airi makes a horrific discovery about Arcadia Royal Family via ancient documents-especially Hayes' real status as one of the thirteenth generation of the Holy Arcadia Empire's imperial family. This bizarre discovery further causes Airi to question the nature of her own family.


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