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Yoruka Kirihime (切姫 夜架 Kirihime Yoruka) is one of the female protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. She was the princess of the fallen nation of Koto, later becoming an assassin for the Old Arcadia Empire and finally becoming a student of the New Kingdom's Royal Officer Academy


Yoruka is a slim girl with long black hair. She wears a black yukata which is tied by a red obi around her waist. Her most interesting trait are her heterochromatic eyes: her right eye is blue and her left eye is purple.


She has shown to be a cold ruthless assassin when it's necessary. When she is serving her "master", she is kind yet still has an evil air to her.

Yoruka isn't introverted but she initially had trouble adapting to an ordinary life. She sneaked away from class to guard Lux, didn't try to work with others during training, ignored regulations on when to sleep or wake up, carried hidden weapons and didn't change her ways when scolded. She starts to change after a talk with Lux.



Yoruka was born as Yoruka Habakiri, the princess of the nation of Koto. She possessed a natural talent for killing. At the age of five, a male assassin was sent by a noble's concubine to kill her, but Yoruka killed him with a bamboo skewer to the throat. Due to this, she was disowned by her father (hence her current surname of Kirihime) and lost her status as princess of the country. Yoruka's father later died from sickness, resulting in her younger brother succeeded the throne.[1] However, Yoruka's fighting skills allowed her to join the royal guard for her brother.[2] Yoruka's brother tried his best to treat her like a human rather than a weapon. Yoruka and her brother swore oaths: she to protect him, and he to become a splendid lord.[3]

At some point, Yoruka noticed that the chief vassals planned on exploiting her younger brother. She considered killing them but decided not to. Lux suggests that Yoruka's brother may have stopped her.[4]

Koto got into a dispute with the Old Arcadia Empire over trade resources, which eventually led to open war.[2] The Empire's forces were able to surround the castle of Koto while Yoruka was outside it. To protect her brother's life, Yoruka chose to swear an oath to become an assassin for the Empire. However, the chief vassals of Koto had already given up the war due to the greater strength of the Empire. They laid the blame on Yoruka's brother, killed him by decapitation and presented his head to the Empire.[3]

Ries Island Arc Edit

Yoruka comes to Ries Island with Dobar's mercenaries to meet Lux. She has no true allegiance to Dobar; after they find Airi, Yoruka kills him and his mercenaries. She asks Airi about Lux's whereabouts, but she refuses to mention his location. Yoruka notices this but decides to leave for other chance.

Yoruka ArcEdit

Lux is warned by his sister Airi about the Emperor's Assassin Blade, who had just escaped prison and would most likely be targeting him, the "Black Hero". However, initially, different from what Airi told, Yoruka came as promising drag-knight. She that day defeated notable drag-knight in the capital. When she lost her chance that day to continue to talk with him, she met him again at hidden spot. She told Lux She came here to rebuilt Arcadia Empire and had the Empire under his government. Lux initially thought she had told a joke but her face hinted strong will to do that. Just like the day before, They were interrupted by Lux's girl friends.  

Class Promotion Exam ArcEdit

Yoruka enrolled to Royal Officer Academy.

Mel ArcEdit

In order to gather information from the Ruins, Lux plans to go to the Ymir Theocracy with Krulcifer. He asks Yoruka to do his chores for the next day, though she has trouble doing this (for example, she gives Lisha tea that is unfiltered and tastes bad). Eventually, the other girls confront her and Yoruka explains the situation to them.

Campus Festival ArcEdit

Dating ArcEdit

Instructor Raigree meets Lux to discuss Yoruka's impolite and strange behaviour. She wants Lux to take care of Yoruka because she had introduced herself as his loyal servant.

To solve the problem, Lux has to take a seat next to Yoruka and pay attention to her until the class is over. When they have a Drag-Ride training session, Yoruka attacks another student to protect Lux. Lux resolves himself to punish Yoruka, but he can't after learning the truth about the previous incident.

Rosa ArcEdit

Singlen Arc Edit

Singlen vs Yoruka

it has already been night but Yoruka has not done training. She somehow had noticed Sinlen was observing Lux when they fought Metatron or even before he had arrived and issued Dragon Paladin whom represented from Atismata Kingdom. She also knew she is weaker than him. However, Yoruka really thinks her mission is but to serve Lux, so she has to kill him. Yoruka carries out her plan to kill Singlen even though she has already estimated her disadvantage. Despite fighting with everything she has, including Over Limit, she is defeated and badly injured. Lux intervenes and takes a fatal injury in her place (but is revived by Sacred Eclipse). Yoruka feels a sorrow as if her heart is stabbed deep.

Yoruka confesses her love for Lux in the epilogue.

Dragon Marauders ArcEdit

Holy Arcadia Empire ArcEdit

Ouroboros ArcEdit


Yoruka is a skilled Drag-Knight who earned a fearsome reputation as the assassin of the Old Empire. She shares some of the same skills as Lux.

Quick Draw (神速制御〈クイックドロウ〉): The first of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a slash with speed greater than the eye can follow. This technique requires complete harmony of body control operation and mind control operation. Yoruka's mastery of this technique is enough to block Lux's own Quick Draw.[3]

Recoil Burst (強制超過〈リコイルバースト〉): The second of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a powerful slash unleashed by causing the Drag-Ride to intentionally rampage. This involves holding down a full power body control operation with mind control operation that is focused into one point. This attack is so powerful that the mere shockwave of its aftermath can blow away Drag-Rides.[3]

End Action (永久連環〈エンド・アクション〉): The third of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a seemingly endless chain of consecutive attacks. This involves alternately controlling the Drag-Ride with body control operation and mind control operation. Using this technique, Yoruka can unleash over a hundred attacks in a few seconds, though this leaves her exhausted.[3]

Baptism: Yoruka's left eye has been strengthened via Baptism. It shines with a mysterious light when in use.[3] Yoruka's eye can perceive the wavelength of an opponent's consciousness and also the subtleties of their heart.[5]

  • Instant Strike: Using the power of her Baptism, Yoruka can unleash an attack that her enemy cannot react to. This takes advantage of the fact that every person, even if they try to focus, will have moments where they pause. Yoruka uses her enhanced eye to perceive these moments and attacks during them. Instant Strike is not particularly powerful or fast, but it can still bring down an average Drag-Ride in one hit and the speed is irrelevant since the opponent cannot perceive it.[3]

Yato no KamiEdit

Yoruka's Drag-Ride is Yato no Kami, a Divine Drag-Ride that resembles a Drake. It uses a Blade shaped like a katana.[2]

Spell Code: Yato no Kami's Divine Raiment, which allows Yoruka to control other Drag-Rides after touching them. This Divine Raiment leaves shining letters on Drag-Rides touched by Yato no Kami (including by its special armament). The longer the duration of contact, the greater the accuracy and duration of the control. If she can touch a Drag-Ride continuously for ten seconds, she can completely control it. This Divine Raiment allows Yoruka to fight against multiple other Divine Drag-Ride users at once. However, the effect wears off after a Drag-Ride spends some time separated from Yato no Kami. She also cannot use Spell Code if she is using the Drag-Knight secret arts or Instant Strike.[2][3]

  • Over Limit: By using Spell Code on her own Drag-Ride, Yoruka can release its limiters to strengthen it and transform it into a shape more specialised for battle. In Over Limit, Yato no Kami has several additional blades sticking out above its armour and its four legs are now arranged similarly to a horse's. The altered leg arrangement allows Yoruka to dodge attacks and add the force of the legs to her own attacks. However, the use of Over Limit places a high burden on Yoruka's body.[5]

Kumo no Ito: Yato no Kami's special armament, which lays out unseen steel strings like a spider's web. Its purpose is to act as a conduit for Spell Code, allowing Yoruka to control Drag-Rides that touch the string even if they don't touch Yato no Kami itself. This allows Yoruka to take control of a large number of Drag-Rides at once.[6]

Karafumi: Yato no Kami's special armament, which allows Yoruka to leap in midair. It is useful for dodging attacks. [7]

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